Basics on 0 Tables.
MadWilly wrote
at 7:14 PM, Sunday January 4, 2009 EST
Now heres a pretty basic one alot of kdice-players miss often and i see them to fail that alot every month.

When you are at 0 Score the only positions that matter to you with the current scoring(and if you're not to orthodox about your ppg) 1st,2nd and 3rd.
You ask why? this is simply because you can't drop below 0 points where you are already. So it doesnt matter if you _would_ lose 60 42 30 or 0 points you simply stay at 0.

So one of the things i do when I'm at 0 score (which happens at least once a month) i flag out (make sure you flag for last and not 2nd last) really early when the map shows me i got no good shot at 1st or 2nd.
Sure people at 0 table may play weird and you might get from 5th to 3rd with some luck, but too me its just not worth the time you gotta wait for that few points.

So if you're at 0 score flag for last early and often you got nothing to lose and you even speed things up for the rest of players.



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SilentSyllogism wrote
at 7:19 PM, Sunday January 4, 2009 EST
skrumgaer wrote
at 6:42 AM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
not agreed.
mr Kreuzfeld wrote
at 8:23 AM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
gives you horrible PPG tho, so i would not do it in a month where i am aiming on high PPG, say like 150+.

but then again if you are aiming for 150+ PPG you would do better in buying membership so you get to play at 500 and 2K at once
NightEternal wrote
at 4:35 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
While I employ this tactic, doing so hasn't helped me at all. Even if you get a 60 point win, the chances that you lose all of that in the next 3 games is extremely high.

"Failure" isn't because they're sticking around 'wasting time', it's because a loss is too damaging to your score.
MadWilly wrote
at 5:39 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
@skrum: I'm aware this screws some if not all your statistics approaches but for my part regarding the 0 game issues they have been flawed already so i can't help if you're analysis so far apply only to members and kickstarters who never have to need to face a loss at 0 score.
hewa wrote
at 6:34 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
@nightEternal: read again please. you should only flag out if your expectations in one particular game don't exceed a 0 score.
MadWilly wrote
at 6:54 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
thx hewa. you understood me quite right i see.
skrumgaer wrote
at 7:00 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
I am not in agreement not because of the effect on my stats but because games should not be wasted. There is opportunity to work on "subgames" (like one I played recently with some player named madwilly) whose successful outcome might amount to only a 5th place. And why not annoy the first place player once in a while?
NightEternal wrote
at 7:13 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
I misread the intention of the initial post in that the point behind this strategy was to help players who were having a rough time by giving them a solid strategy to 'succeed'.

My point was that even in the most successful of executions of this strategy.. it at most nets you 60 points to start off with.

However, those 60 points don't really help as you're stuck at the 0 & 100 level tables for a long time.

Really the best option for breaking out of the 0-100 rut is paying. From what I understand, you also get unlimited access to the 100 tables. So this strategy can be employed there when you're not guaranteed a 100 point win. In addition, you get access to the 500 point tables with DOM to help mitigate some of the point loss.
MadWilly wrote
at 7:44 PM, Monday January 5, 2009 EST
@eternal: i dont think the thing about getting free entry on 100 tables with membership is true.

and you're right the easiest way to get to play other tables as 0 tbales is to get 30 bucks from somewhere and pay a membership for any noob.
To me that reason would be just a waste of money.
but i was talking abut strategies in the first place and not workarounds. you don't gain any skill when buying membership. but knowing when to take a loss is essential knowledge on upper tables too. so i consider this a helpful strategy post nonetheless.
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