A Guide by Grunvagr

So you created an account name and are ready to play. Now what? First off, go to a table. Click Change Table to find one. Make sure you have enough minimum points to play. If you are reading this, you probably have none! But no worries, you'll be a veteran in no time!

Once you arrive at a table, click Sit In. Notice that your name sits in one of the 7 colors, so this is your color for the duration of the game. The colors are red, green, purple, yellow, blue, brown, and teal, got it?

What is the point of the game?

The purpose is to conquer the whole map... or conquer enough so that everyone surrenders. Sweet, sweet world kdomination, baby!

Each player takes a turn and you must wait until everyone has gone once until you may move again. Territories are the shapes on the map, and if you have your color dice on them, they belong to you. The more dice you have... the better.

How do I get more dice?

When you end your turn you automatically gain dice. You receive dice for every land you own IF it is connected to another territory you own. This means if you have 3 lands, you will gain 3 dice. If you have 6 lands, 6 dice.

BUT, if you have 5 lands on the left, and one land all the way off to the right, you will receive.... Five. Why five? One of your territories is not touching your others. Since only 5 territories are bordering each other, you only gain 5. Play a few games and you'll get the idea.

Can I place my dice?

You cannot choose where your new dice will go. Dice are randomly distributed across your territories. Sometimes you'll get just one or two dice sprinkled on every land, yet other times you'll sprout a huge stack out of nowhere!! It has to do with luck.

That said - you have some control over where your dice go. Check out the general tips section later for hints.....

How does attacking and defending work?

To attack, simply click on a territory you own and click on a territory you want to capture. That's it!

Usually, you will want to attack with more dice than your opponent. It is much safer to attack with 4 dice against 2, than to attack with 3 dice against 4. But remember, anything can happen out there!! 5 stacks of dice can lose to 3 stacks... and often do!

Helpful tools

  • Press CTRL+ to hide the dice on the map if you can't see the territory borders.
  • Use '/mute username' to block chat messages from a particular user. Replace username with their screen name. Use '/unmute username' to turn the mute off for that user.

General Tips

  • Establish a home base. Find an area that you wish to claim and try to make it known that you are going for it.
  • Try to avoid the middle, if possible. There are 6 other players out there. Imagine a highway of cars and you have no idea where they are going. It is better to be a parked car hoping not to get hit in the breakdown lane, than to be parked in the middle lane!
  • Connect! Your first turn is very important. Try to connect when possible. Usually you want at least 3 lands or more, early on.
  • Cut! Disconnecting your opponents by attacking them so they no longer border all their colored lands can seriously hurt your opponents.
  • You are playing against humans. Humans are passionate creatures. Keep that in mind.
  • Attacking is NOT mandatory. Sometimes clicking End Turn is your best move.
  • Try to establish just one home base. On rare occasions, it is tactically wise to expand in two locations, but this is rare.
  • Don't do everything. There are 6 other players out there. If the leader looks very large and scary, chances are you are not the only one who is looking to slow 'em down.
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