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kdice wants your ideas!
Your ideas are requested by the kdice team:

We're also running some special events in July and want your feedback:


Remember, you can contact myself at [email protected] if you require assistance from a Rules Advisor for a gameplay or player issue.

The other Advisors may also be available using [email protected] for integral, or [email protected] for Jurgen.

I also accept ideas and suggestions at my email address.

Thank you to all in advance!
Pursey, kdice rules advisor
12 comments , posted by Pursey at 1:14 AM, Sunday June 18, 2017 EDT
Useful KDice Links
The aim of this blog post will be to unite and organize all useful KDice links. People are free to post suggestions in the comments and I will add the most relevant ones. So put a link + a description of your link. If I put someones link in here myself, you are free to suggest a better description.

1) Blogs, Scripts and KDice Tools:

1.1) Ryan's tumblr blog "Communicating the development of GPokr, KDice, and XSketch."

1.2) okdice - a kdice chrome extension made by NardSausage with an autoend function, chat shortcuts and a few other features:

1.3) deadcode's toolkit including an autoend turn and a player rating system: most recent Firefox and Chrome downloads can be found on his profile at (not updated anymore for now)

1.4) Schwabba's tournament payout calculator: (link not working anymore)

1.5) kakku man's style cleanup + luck + forum script: most recent Firefox and Chrome downloads can be found on his profile at (not working anymore)

2) Useful Forum Posts:

2.1) Lowest recorded luck in a game:
2.2) An old Kdice records thread:
2.3) Earliest recorded 48:
2.4) Thread where Stormlord explains how the luck% formula works:
2.5) highest win at 500/2500/10k:
2.6) yougruesomehare rolling 8 with an 8:

3) Kdice ranking or alternative stat stuff:

3.1) Chloe's work (the downloadable googledocs data etc)
3.2) Chases's total 100 post thread (with Das doing the actual compiling of the list):
3.3) 100th post thread (volunteer needed)

4) Kdice related links:

4.1.A) kdice wikipedia (including the odds for each roll):
4.1.B) more dated wiki info:
4.2) semi-abandoned place for KDice related polls:
4.3) Inside the cabal (A bit of reading about the darker days of KDice)
4.4) Monte's Sporcle collection:

5) Kdice guides and translated rules:

6) Kdice fun links:

6.1) that awesome Scandinavian 4 player game:
6.2) tinychat kdice room:
6.3) Kdice jigsaw puzzle created by Montecarlo
6.4) Chase's funny WW2 chatlog (post 32 + continued later)
6.5) a reminder of Loobee's promise to wish us all a happy 2012
6.6) Jack Barrow's Hitler parody "We nearly got to Ryan"
5 comments , posted by jurgen at 4:26 PM, Friday February 27, 2015 EST
Common misconceptions about the current flagging system.
I've noticed that a good deal of the frustration with the game and with other players is consistently due to misunderstandings of the flagging system. This becomes pretty evident when you take a look at players' review pages and a large majority of the negative, and even positive comments, deal with flagging.

The initial flagging system was introduced solely as a way to help the game end faster. It was a simple checkbox, not related to place. When all players other than the one in first checked this box the game would end and each player would receive place based on their current position.

Incidentally, this system led to 'ninja flagging,' where a player would wait for everyone else to have their flag up and then quickly over-expand and then flag themselves, ending the game. They would then finish much higher than they should have otherwise. This led to some fun games as people would watch and try to respond, but it also cause some frustration. Anyone who uses 'ninja flagging' in regards to the current system is using the term incorrectly.

I bring this up because the current flagging system was introduced specifically to address the ninja flagging 'problem.' Some players that play in both systems find the old system preferable, some do not. To each their own; I don't think Ryan will be changing it back anytime soon.

The issue we have now is that flags are grossly misunderstood. You see people all the time expecting that when their flag is up they will not be attacked and thus they feel you did not "honor" or "respect" their flag if you attack them. This completely erroneous assumption has lead to a great deal of complaining, frustration, and negative review leaving.

Here are the flagging facts:
1. If you flag to someone, they have the complete right to still attack you, and often should. There is nothing 'dishonorable' about it. They may need to expand to fight for a higher position and your flag should not stop them from expanding to do so. They may want to earn more dom points - it is their right to do so as they have clearly earned a stronger position. Flags are ONLY there to help the game end faster; they are not magic invincibility potions to protect you when you otherwise should die.

2. People who over-expand and then throw up a flag should frequently be attacked. Just because you put up a flag does not mean that you can foolishly over-expand and leave little stacks lying about and expect to keep them. Again, a flag is not a magic invincibility potion that protects you from attack - it's just there to help the game end faster. You'll often see people over expand recklessly throw up a flag and have it 'respected' and thus earning a position higher than they should have gotten. Good strategy on their part if they think they can get away with it, but poor form on the other players' part to let them do so. Keep in mind that that over-expanding player is taking dominance points away from the other players when they do this as well; frequently from the person who is in the best position to take their smaller stacks.

3. An early flag is essentially a truce offer. If a player verbally flags in round two, it's a safe assumption that those two players are effectively truced and will not be hindering each other's play. The other players on the board need to actively counter this or will almost always end up losing to these two players. This is not very different from being observant and countering two players who says things like "I'm cool" or "how about we be friendly." If you don't fight this behavior when possible, those players will win. You will see some people that ignore or even purposefully attack early verbal flags. This is a reasonable solution to this problem. They're probably flagging early because they are weak, so take the land and dominance points if you are in a position to do so.

In review:
Flagging Rule #1 - Flagging to someone does not mean they cannot and often should not attack you.

Flagging Rule #2 - Players who recklessly over-expand and then flag for defense should often be attacked.

Flagging Rule #3 - An early verbal flag is often an effective truce offer.

I will state the most important part again: flagging was only introduced to help the game end faster. Your flag DOES NOT prevent you from being attacked - it is not what it was designed to do.
220 comments , posted by Vermont at 9:20 AM, Wednesday November 19, 2014 EST
The new Chat, Forum, and PGA Policy
Here are our thoughts on policy:

PGA: This is a big grey area, but let's put it this way, trucing someone over and over just because you're friends or have the same flag, making up silly reasons to give someone a higher spot over someone else, or just outright not attacking someone even though it's pretty clear it's your best move is PGA. And PGA WILL be banned.

OTF/Hardcore OTF: The grey line is shrinking between these two and PGA. We will not turn this into a litigious battle, but will say Hardcore OTF is PGA and shall be banned. This is on a case-to-case basis and is under mod discretion. Mods are generally in close contact and are willing to talk about general guidelines on how not to OTF.

Racism/Sexism/Homophobia/Etc: Let's keep this stuff out of the chat/forum... that means words like "cunt", "fag" (and any of their derivatives) and all racial slurs will be monitored and receive warnings/bans based on severity of the offence and history of the player saying these things. In practise, maybe not every use of any of these words will get an automatic ban but in theory you do risk getting a warning or an instant ban if you choose to use them. Always keep in mind that you shouldn't be using them in the first place so please do not take the risk and you will be perfectly fine.

Death Threats: This is just a game, wishing someone death in real life just seems excessive.

Excessive Swearing/Spamming: Swear all you want, but keep it within reason. This is a passionate game and people get angry, that's fine but let's not spam the chat box... figure out another way to vent your frustration. Remember that there are younger players here.

Harassment: Going around following a person to no end, bullying them whenever you get the chance is unacceptable. This is pretty vague, but we think people generally know when they're overdoing it when it comes to bullying. Also please stay away from dragging family members into discussions on KDice.

Muting a Player: There is a mute function: /mute (username). This is case sensitive and will need to be redone if you refresh the page or go to another table to keep said player muted.

Alts: Bans on mains extend to bans on alts, what's the point of a ban if you're just going to log in to an alt and continue playing. Doing this may result in a longer ban.

Bad behavior on secret alts: In general the mods will respect your secret identity if you want to play on a secret alt. However, if you misbehave on a secret alt (trolling, harassment, racism, cheating, etc.), your secret alts will be outed.

Sharing accounts: Sharing accounts is not allowed. The general policy is to permaban a shared account with the risk of your main being banned too.

Username Creation: If any username goes overboard with the amount of swearing/hate speech/death threats/harassment in them, they'll be banned.

Avatars: Pornography/hate in avatars will result in reset of the avatar and removal of avatar privileges, also repeat offences could be treated as above.

We're adults and most of what we covered here really shouldn't have to be explained to begin with. Of course, there is leeway and moderator discretion in all the above rules (jokes between friends, within reason, etc...). We also know that this is a ton of guidelines but trust us that the aim is not to kill the fun in KDice. To the contrary, everything is pretty common sense and should be easy to follow. The main goal is to keep KDice competitive and fun for everyone.

Constructive comments are welcome though regarding this policy. This list is not a black and white rulebook since we all know that it's impossible to cover every situation. Again, this should all be common sense and if in doubt about something, better be safe than sorry and consult a mod first.

Feel free to contact any of the following moderators:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
21 comments , posted by jurgen at 12:31 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2014 EDT
Grandgnu, the last chief of the TAZD, sails off into the dusk of evening.
No one came forward to challenge grandgnu's claim to the TAZD title for the first half of 2013. So now he and the TAZD go into oblivion.

The final, same, stats:

473 27% 17% 20% 13% 10% 09% 04% 21413 grandgnu
506 22% 20% 16% 15% 12% 07% 08% 16669 Lady Lite
573 19% 17% 13% 14% 12% 13% 12% 09589 Jack Barrows
17 comments , posted by skrumgaer at 12:41 PM, Wednesday January 1, 2014 EST
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
Texas Holdem Poker
Online Strategy
Online Pictionary