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I eat my own jizz on the weekends
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SilentSyllogism wrote
at 2:39 PM, Monday May 9, 2011 EDT
my walls retarded. disregard it.
SilentSyllogism wrote
at 8:12 PM, Wednesday September 2, 2009 EDT
So that I may keep tabs on them:
SilentSyllogism wrote
at 12:45 AM, Wednesday September 2, 2009 EDT
my friend's list is reserved for dishonest players
SilentSyllogism wrote
at 6:20 AM, Monday May 11, 2009 EDT
SilentSyllogism wrote
at 5:33 PM, Sunday April 5, 2009 EDT
The game is too dynamic to declare guidelines and self-conduct :)
fatboy98 wrote
at 1:17 PM, Monday January 26, 2009 EST
cool guy
SilentSyllogism wrote
at 9:47 PM, Tuesday December 9, 2008 EST
I wanna settle some things. I try to be fair. This includes not playing little courtesy games with friends or spiteful games with my enemies. It also means that if somebody is in a bad position, I don't spare them just because they ask. There better be a reason not to kill. I don't understand why people get all flustered over logical moves as if they are hated or something.
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