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I eat my own jizz on the weekends
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Doesn't accept flags
Spokos on Wednesday May 25, 2011
pga with tourney champ and gurgi. fucking three idiots
efe2 on Monday May 23, 2011
homoludens on Tuesday May 10, 2011
Backstabber. Hypocritic type... in his wall he says "I like honor"
pepetvermell on Monday May 9, 2011
PGA with Ledieter. Kill at first sight.
Swingkid on Thursday January 27, 2011
don't even bother flagging this noob.
bobbidothechef on Monday January 24, 2011
wanker is lying.
SilentSyllogism on Thursday January 20, 2011
pga with Jund and a fucking racist homophobe
wanker666 on Thursday January 20, 2011
Dumb player. Doesn't understand the rules. Think the altitude in Nepal has made him retarded.
EasyMoney on Tuesday January 4, 2011
Maybe an honest player, but not really smart. Just don´t flag to him. In my case - after 6 players flagged to him - he decided that he wouldn´t accept mine (cos we were fighting anyway??), and apologized he needed the dom. Very sad. Again: DON´T FLAG TO HIM. (He might decide a round later not to accept.
Syzygy Thrawn on Sunday November 28, 2010
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