10 seconds extra for 1st player to evaluate board
Star Block! wrote
at 8:11 AM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST

136 people think this is a good idea

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Scaldis Noel wrote
at 8:12 AM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
I actually hate being first because I don't have enough time to evaluate my options. And when you have a color that is too close to another one, it is even harder to evaluate the board quickly.
MadWilly wrote
at 8:21 AM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
5 secounds and you got my vote. please look into the forums for related topics its already being discussed and under work.
Scaldis Noel wrote
at 8:23 AM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
Schizophrenia sets in... ...In retrospect, maybe not as good an idea as I first thought. Limited time to evaluate the situation helps to prevent the first turn from being too much of an advantage. Never mind.
MadWilly wrote
at 9:11 AM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
nevermind nobody has to vote for you idea have we?
JohnGalt wrote
at 5:21 PM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
I always thought the bestidea was to show the board firt for about 10 secs before showing who is going first
Moemar wrote
at 10:27 AM, Thursday February 1, 2007 EST
5 seconds seems reasonable.
Clean Slate wrote
at 6:25 AM, Sunday February 11, 2007 EST
5 seconds gets my vote
Earl Grey wrote
at 3:28 PM, Thursday February 15, 2007 EST
Not a great believer in giving Ryan any more work to do. However this idea is a good one. I find being first a disadvantage. perhaps this is my slow modem, perhaps I'm just not that good at the game.

Either way ten seconds or double the ususl time would be good.
Xerxes855 wrote
at 1:13 AM, Wednesday February 21, 2007 EST
Analyze it during other's turns. I've never had a problem not having enough time.
rabbidmonkey4 wrote
at 10:11 AM, Friday February 23, 2007 EST
Being first gives you the advantage of getting to do what you want and getting your reserves first. If your too slow to make a decision just don't do anything and it will be like your going last with at least 1 extra dice.

Don't make this change.
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