Color Choice: Psychological & Strategic Implications
119Legend wrote
at 2:33 PM, Sunday July 6, 2008 EDT
fuck you muthafucka

41 people think this is a good idea

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saetep wrote
at 12:39 AM, Thursday March 5, 2009 EST
I always pick red. Red is the color of blood, it makes my enemies fear me.
BlackKnight12 wrote
at 6:41 AM, Sunday March 8, 2009 EDT
i normaly get green purple and blue.
Flotzi wrote
at 10:50 AM, Sunday March 8, 2009 EDT
me teal
riickye wrote
at 8:55 PM, Saturday March 14, 2009 EDT
I never pick the same color twice, or pick the color that just won 1st place.
skrumgaer wrote
at 11:36 AM, Sunday March 15, 2009 EDT
If you pick red (sit first) you can lead players to a table you like. If you pick teal (sit last) you know who your opponents will be.
Mr Postman wrote
at 5:27 PM, Monday April 6, 2009 EDT
post for all: do not sit blue on thursdays.
Dark_lunatic_K wrote
at 7:50 PM, Tuesday April 14, 2009 EDT
SodaPop wrote
at 11:13 AM, Sunday April 26, 2009 EDT
Gurgi wrote
at 10:50 PM, Friday December 4, 2009 EST
jilm2 wrote
at 8:02 PM, Wednesday December 9, 2009 EST
Green or yellow. Fresh and happy color. And also everybody hate yellow so I can feel special.
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