PGA is cheating
kdicefreak wrote
at 12:34 AM, Sunday January 6, 2008 EST
From Ryan:

If you team up against other players without them knowing it is a very unfair way to play and is therefore cheating. If you can't play any other way its kinda sad. I really believe in the game and PGA is not part of it.

There are a bunch of guys that think it's discussion worthly whether this is a valid way to play and it's absolutely not. I've told them this but they get off on their own special aim group thinking they're the "titans of kdice" when really they have no credibility.

If players here think this is a valid way to play please post here so I can remove your account so the rest of us can play the real game.... and trophies gained from this invalid play should be removed too.

Kdice is a great game and I believe there are great players out there that don't need to resort to these cheap tricks. I will move the game towards this pure kdice style as much as i can. For now I'll just remove people who chose otherwise.


157 people think this is a good idea

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r0n wrote
at 11:20 AM, Sunday January 6, 2008 EST
Get a life.
Canarioz wrote
at 12:55 PM, Monday January 7, 2008 EST
That was a nice TV sitcom
lesplaydices wrote
at 5:35 PM, Tuesday January 8, 2008 EST
nigga you need to reevaluate your life, maybe you should think twice put it together man, I freak hoes to tears, ya freak dice
Cal Ripken wrote
at 5:40 PM, Tuesday January 8, 2008 EST
oh man. Les makes me laugh OUT LOUD so much
BestEVER wrote
at 7:29 PM, Wednesday January 9, 2008 EST
I support this thread
dead man!! wrote
at 3:50 PM, Friday January 11, 2008 EST
I am not sure, I usually play a fair fight but if I ever go below 100 points I might team with some of my best mates,but any higher I will plau properly because this is very unfair of other players and I respect that.
Ssergio wrote
at 8:50 PM, Wednesday January 16, 2008 EST
So Freak your great advise on strategies is what?

You are either a proxy yourself or either you always talk about shit you don't know.

rnd wrote
at 10:52 PM, Monday January 21, 2008 EST
interesting strategy
adtsm wrote
at 11:28 PM, Monday January 21, 2008 EST
I got totally PGA'd by Dzorz so lame, and in a 500 room, even more pathetic
adtsm wrote
at 11:29 PM, Monday January 21, 2008 EST
That was with Kahuna pgaing me so lame
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