Grunvagr Tip #612
Grunvagr wrote
at 12:24 PM, Wednesday January 2, 2008 EST
Backstacking - a how to. Backstacking is the art of entrenching yourself for the endgame. A situation might arise in a game where you are likely to finish in the top 4, but you dont know where. Once the average dice count for most lands on the board averages around 4, you want to consider this tactic. How do you backstack? To backstack, purposefully click on your 8 stacks or 7 stacks up front and retreat them into corners. If you can 8v2 or 6v3 into a corner or retreat generally to the back of your lines, rather than advancing your 8 stacks from the back FORWARD, do so. What is accomplished? You now have 6 to 9 lands, but your 6, 7, and 8 stacks are at the back. You have 2 to 4 stacks up front and do not appear a threat. Most 6+ enemy stacks will ignore you, knowing if they move they are freeing your 8 stacks. So you usually retain all your lands, thicken up in the back quickly, and firmly ensure you finish top 3, due to longevity (or time it takes to kill you). Furthermore, you now commence forward stacking, wherein ending turn sends ALL your restack dice to the frontlines because your backlines are 8s. As the leader on the board now ends turn to fill out his ranks, advance swiftly and apply Grun-cut tactics as you see fit.

This moment of Zen was brought to you by Grunvagr. P.S. This is my last posted public tip, the kbook is coming. Tell a friend.

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Wicked! wrote
at 12:59 PM, Wednesday January 2, 2008 EST
I thought it said backstabbing, and then I was ashamed of Vagr.

Then I reread it and it's a good strategy.
Danny_DCB wrote
at 1:52 PM, Wednesday January 2, 2008 EST
I thought it said backstabbing, and then I thought it's a good strategy.

Then I reread it and was ashamed of you.
Grunvagr wrote
at 2:07 PM, Wednesday January 2, 2008 EST
Danny, I keep the best tactics for the kbook ;)
Shevar wrote
at 3:34 AM, Friday January 4, 2008 EST
Nice strategy, but too defensive for my taste. It disables your ability to act.
Hakapeci wrote
at 3:00 PM, Saturday January 5, 2008 EST
geez, don't say me Mr.IMPORTANT have the chance to edit the kbook? O_o

shish :(
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