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Bouhaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!
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nW0 on Saturday December 12, 2020
I very much appreciated your reaction to a denied flag of mine in tourney. I apologize for using the wrong English term - never wanted to mess you up with a dog. Have fun, I am hoping for futur good games (and ofc. I hope to beat you there). :-D
Louis Cypher on Thursday November 19, 2020
really shitty play in tourney
k diva on Tuesday June 16, 2020
he does like ruining games
generalissimus S on Saturday April 25, 2020
pge for life cunt, what kind of piece of shit gets off on ruining someone elses game
kaneda_z on Thursday September 30, 2010
he was playing purple and he had flagged to Alfons (red) as 3rd to fight me(i was yellow); dopebeats(blue) was first. ----Bouhaaa: red, i give you 2nd if you let me kill yellow-- AIfons: k-- scaramanga: if u kill prpl u get 2nd from me-- AIfons: ok, i take 2nd-- AIfons: fight it out, sry-- AIfons: blue?-- AIfons: i sit-- Bouhaaa: i tak e 3th-- dopebeats22: red u take 3rd-- Bouhaaa: how can i un flag ?---- when bouhaa here had beat me for 3rd, blue suddenly decided red should get 3rd. Bouhaa's reaction: "Bouhaaa: red 3rd ? ok for me :) ". poor character, pge shitlist entry. not recommended. btw possible pga with @gogochiichan.
scaramanga on Monday August 30, 2010
PGA with ryu132 and Palapala
bluff or not? on Monday August 30, 2010
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