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Accepted that we were a team but would not roll for 1st
the best zinke on Tuesday January 7, 2020
A gentleman and a scholar.
Rowen on Tuesday January 16, 2018
poudendum on Friday June 7, 2013
Fair player!
Rallenser on Wednesday May 22, 2013
arrogant asshole
Gyulavezr on Tuesday May 21, 2013
Weird guy, makes his own rules and decides "when game is over"
Helistin on Friday January 25, 2013
no bloody sense of humour, poor and disappointing style for a reasonably experienced player
Flammenmeer on Thursday October 4, 2012
Fun and nice player
RafiS on Tuesday August 28, 2012
Just played against Mr. B, and found him to be very honorable. One of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long while, with the entire table playing a fair and decent game. If only every game was similar. looking forward to more games with MR. B!
Vulnan on Tuesday August 28, 2012
great guy honarable player
Hidden Agenda on Tuesday August 28, 2012
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