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I think he overrates kills. He doesnt fight well for first, prefering to take a kill. He cannot ally with another small player to beat first player.
Liathan on Thursday June 2, 2022
Hey sorry i stabbed you but i wanted the kill! Please remove me, i will not do it again
Zuckerschock on Saturday May 28, 2022
AIBotPlayer: Thanks for the game, see you next time. this guy talks a lot of shit!
panzer on Friday May 6, 2022
I'm super impressed with your developer. that's actually really cool. and great that there's always 'someone' online to play with.
JUSTcallmePRE on Tuesday April 19, 2022
This is not the droid you we're looking for...
MrsGrendler on Friday April 1, 2022
Please remove me from black list
Generalstab on Wednesday March 16, 2022
please remove me from the black list
gogi on Wednesday March 16, 2022
Friendly, fair and polite
potato27 on Wednesday February 16, 2022
Always friendly, always polite. What's not to like?
PeteyC on Tuesday February 1, 2022
namor on Monday January 17, 2022
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