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does not notice what is going on on the board...or does not care
SHO-GUN on Saturday November 27, 2021
nice guy
avesano on Monday November 22, 2021
Solid player, was nice to play with him in the final in a tournament.
22 april on Saturday October 16, 2021
my previous overview was mistaken. sorry
kamikaze Mike on Saturday October 16, 2021
Unfortunately he often fails to make the moves best for me but rather makes the moves best for him. Altogether a good sport that would be more fun to fight if he was playing a little worse. ;-)
Louis Cypher on Tuesday September 7, 2021
Fair player
Aleksa_bre on Thursday October 15, 2020
pga with paiktaras
sw1ft25 on Thursday October 15, 2020
backstabber. poor play.
generalissimus S on Sunday September 20, 2020
very poor play
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Saturday September 12, 2020
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