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Dishonorable player. Attacks flagged players, and when called out, says "take back" then when the action is taken says "you have stabbed me" then proceeds to use this justification to vindicate the following actions by attacking the flagged player some more and the previous actions in which he had attacked the flagged player before. Also says "was watching television" as an excuse. Very disrespectful.
KneeJerk on Friday February 19, 2021
Nice and fair player.
Bouhaaa on Tuesday January 12, 2021
you know the elton john song, tiny wanker, thats this guy, hehe
dbdb on Wednesday October 21, 2020
another whiny cunt
heraclitus on Thursday September 3, 2020
Much like other reviews, he attacked me repeatedly early on in the game as if he had some vendetta against me (ignoring others around him and only attacking me) and then questions later why I am attacking him. Seems not to understand basic principles of the game.
bob_3 on Monday June 15, 2020
He had 4 connected lands in the north of the map, so I took 2 and cut him. Then he rebased in the southwest. I continued fighting a different player where I was. He fought and defeated someone else in the southwest, and then instead of crossing over 2 lands, he decided to fight me with what remained of his stacks in the north. He started losing with this 2-base strategy, so he demanded that we roll for 3. No way. Then he got angry and called me 'worse than Rafkrik.'
PanzerRed on Wednesday June 10, 2020
Moronic guy
Aleksa_bre on Monday June 8, 2020
so, kamikaze mike, dragonfly and rafkrik, you are the assholes of kdice
harlemshaker on Wednesday April 15, 2020
liar and stabber
kamikaze Mike on Tuesday March 24, 2020
should be monitored... enjoys insulting other players...
101st on Sunday July 12, 2015
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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