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I like this guy
JayJay8 on Saturday December 10, 2022
cowardest player i've ever seen. chases the 2nd place in a 0 point table
Fatih Sultan on Thursday December 1, 2022
smart player, plays his game. honest and correct.
Pashaa on Friday November 11, 2022
kind player. plays fair
Aleksa_bre on Monday November 7, 2022
always a pleasure to play with, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!!1111oneoneone
Dude111 on Friday October 14, 2022
fair and fun play
Monsanto on Thursday October 13, 2022
3MIN3M on Sunday April 8, 2012
fantastic player who i would give an 8 stack to play with again!!!!
Chris HAAAAANSON on Friday March 9, 2012
asshole noob PGA
@ahnbohwan on Friday March 9, 2012
Fucking asshole noob, when someone doesnt give you permission to do something, don't ASSUME it's ok then have the nerve to ask "everyone happy now?" Continue playing with that "stupid" sticker on your forhead and it's gonna come back to bite you in the ass. Fucking idiot. Saying you're a noob is not an excuse for FUCKERY.
YuxxyB on Wednesday December 14, 2011
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