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Alperen Kalay

Dicegod of Chaos and Justice
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funny to see ppl take what i wrote a decade ago such serious
Caesar on Monday October 3, 2022
Totally annoying as being the worst farming, betraying pointwhore ever to be seated any table. Today stole first after rolling from me by sitting back in - he didn't even apologize. Tells all you need to know about how much you can trust this person and its general character deficits.
Louis Cypher on Friday September 30, 2022
One of the most annoying people in here thinking he is god and can get away with anything. Better not have this one on the table.
LENANEL on Monday September 19, 2022
Dicegod of Chaos and Justice!
Alperen Kalay on Thursday September 15, 2022
PGA with Anger Management.
Acrisius on Wednesday August 24, 2022
the biggest asshole in kdice
imanema on Friday March 12, 2021
fucking prick
PRESlDENT on Thursday December 31, 2020
Terrible player, worse person
Hijii on Tuesday December 8, 2020
pga with Serseri Mayin
Dude111 on Friday August 28, 2020
if u only know trucing and pga, its simple, get a job
harlemshaker on Friday August 28, 2020
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