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Cory Burdick

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dont flag to this guy, he'll just attack you later
psykopat on Saturday July 16, 2011
Just open your eyes and you will see that you are a cutting bitch too.
jsonproxy on Wednesday May 25, 2011
Fair guy.
OTheFool on Wednesday May 25, 2011
Honorale player ! We can trust him.
_invictus_ on Sunday May 22, 2011
ask your mother. she loves my dick and she will tell you i am not gay.
JimmyNokNok on Tuesday May 17, 2011
lol says i pga but gives no name...could u cry some more plz
Cory Burdick on Tuesday May 17, 2011
sore loser who pgas, and disrespects flags, KILL ON SIGHT
deferl on Tuesday May 17, 2011
sore loser who doesnt respect flags
Ben Gunn on Sunday May 15, 2011
decent guy in a place full of assholes
jaydee20 on Friday May 13, 2011
Funny guy, plays the game as a game. Likes to joke around. Had fun playing with him.
cntrstrk14 on Wednesday May 11, 2011
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