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no fun. +chat integral 5:42 PM, Saturday January 21, 2017 EST
how do you like me now? -chat integral 5:40 PM, Saturday January 21, 2017 EST
Restored, take a hint and pay attention to how you play if you don't want to run afoul again. +play MadHat_Sam 11:25 AM, Monday July 11, 2011 EDT
If you cannot avoid PGAing, just don't play. -play MadHat_Sam 3:58 PM, Friday July 8, 2011 EDT

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pga with veta. will probably have to look into this
jurgen on Wednesday May 19, 2021
pga with veta
deffonotTimer on Thursday April 29, 2021
fair player, good strategy. not surprising he has earned all that medals.
Serseri Mayin on Monday April 12, 2021
Twinky is ok. Manipulative to an acceptable degree and over all fair. However, he is not too likely to give favours.
Louis Cypher on Friday March 19, 2021
This guy tried to secuce me by telling he has a 6-pack, my God i hope these are beers. I will smash him with my last can, i promise
harlemshaker on Tuesday March 16, 2021
He backstabb ppl like in the replay down, then when that players pge him he brainwash other by telling them...the guys he fucked up are in PGA! Be aware, this is why this nice game is destroyed in last time Backstabbing: http://www.kdice.com/games/88800263 When a whore is talking about moral- its the same like u talking about pga
Aleksa_bre on Monday March 15, 2021
Backstabber and PGA with Veta.
avigdor on Monday March 15, 2021
Do not trust this backstabber.
coupons on Tuesday February 23, 2021
@ Veta: Sure...but min 10 other ppl saw how u both cheated...dont talk shit Another PGA...: http://kdice.com/games/88587870 Farming,harrasing,PGA,stabbing...all this with Veta in cooperation
Kosovo is Serbia on Sunday February 14, 2021
Hi, this is Veta. FWIW, the people accusing Twinky of PGA are sore losers. Kosovo is going for gold and instead of playing sincerely, he plays on an alt account to kamikaze his competitors. He accuses Twinky of PGA with Veta but I didn't even play with Twinky today and he won the most points he ever has in a single day this month. He's just a better player than the naysayers. They accuse Twinky of PGA with Veta but can't even link a video with both of us in the same game. I feel bad because I bring a lot of ire with my play style (ruthless) and Twinky is getting flack for silent trucing me, which is what they should do, if they care to win, instead of crying foul and losing the game.
Veta on Saturday February 13, 2021
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