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terrible player -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
zin8 on Monday September 30, 2013
flags, but then attacks again
flix_essex on Friday September 7, 2012
accepts flag, then farms
psykopat on Friday August 31, 2012
Fucker, flagged him but decided to attack me after he did accept it.
Supersnor on Friday August 31, 2012
good player, and i think primeval is mad, he saying the whole table is pga lol
burcin on Thursday August 23, 2012
metalstorm93, burcin, delikadir and svran PGA!!!
Primeval on Thursday August 23, 2012
stabbed me. see other reviews
john malkovich on Friday August 17, 2012
Backstabber... Shoulda read the review before I trusted him... Fail on my part
BaroneKid on Thursday August 16, 2012
absolutely bs-talker, bad truce-partner, stupid but lucky ### has absolutely no clue what he is talking about but insisted during the game 2 players would be "pge" bc they dont attack eachother, while they are clearly fighting from the beginning - then accuses the next 2 players of "pge" bc one of them let him and the other player fight to not do 2vs1 ### then when 4 players are left, and one not-flagged player started fighting him directly, he is crying for help and enjoys the help of the flagged 2nd player, but leaves his "helper" alone after the one who fought him flags him ### he got his 1st bc of pure luck, this guy has no strategy..but he seems to be good friend with MertKonrat ### oh..and his favourite words seem to be "they are all against me"
Mrs. M on Thursday August 16, 2012
pga with JuttBuices
OviloN on Thursday August 16, 2012
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