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22 april

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Recognized on 5:37 PM, Wednesday August 19, 2015 EDT by jurgen
Congratulations on playing 4612 hours of kdice and reaching level 100!

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now he stabbed me in tourney again Uzolinzh flagged to me, he mocked him 1st, then flagged to him and fought me http://kdice.com/games/90453741 Review from 22 Okt 2019 stabbed me in a tourney. flagged 1st to 2 guys after i got a flag from one land guy (aminal) and accepted it. It stopped my growth, may be i shouldnt, but i mayde dav who was strongest (and flgged to weaker inoxi before flag to me.. after that i made flag inoxi flag to me actually could destroy him. Apr pretened to flag to me but then after i let aminal and apr fight vs each ohter apr stabbed me.. i thought this behavioe of him was inthe fast, but he is still doing that. sad
BaNaT on Tuesday November 30, 2021
claimed I stabbed him and I diud noit
SlapDice on Friday October 1, 2021
"Dont accepting flags, offend me some times without reason. Accuse me for pga with somebody becouse just i sit him often. I am awaiting from a player who play that long as he did honor and fairness. For any reason he pge me since over 4 months. Dont get it when ppl do that in long term PGE from now for all that : http://www.kdice.com/games/90048724"
Aleksa_bre on Sunday September 26, 2021
douche bag pge til 2022
Dude112 on Thursday July 15, 2021
I forgot to say HAPPY BDAY for Earth day!
sw1ft25 on Wednesday April 21, 2021
I have offended this person
MrsGrendler on Saturday April 17, 2021
backstabbing idiot of idiots! please kill this shit asap!
Salige on Monday April 12, 2021
probably one of the worst players u can have around.
hacktie on Sunday March 14, 2021
Cool player, I hope he'll get back playing kdice
fgfx on Saturday January 9, 2021
i lowe austran small beybi may dick hard dick
bivo on Monday June 1, 2020
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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