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Lol wtf is that?
ourbee1985 on Friday April 6, 2012
Fucking pussy, noob, stupid, baby and a fucking gayer player.
Adolfo Machado on Friday April 6, 2012
honors flags
A8es on Tuesday February 7, 2012
Sound guy, truly atones for past transgressions ^^ ~Donnie Scribbles
lllll|llll on Thursday September 29, 2011
PGA with twinky, UN APLAUSO.
Juanma Gm on Monday July 11, 2011
ourbee pga with @mbee
axlehammer on Tuesday July 5, 2011
Great individual. Respects obligations and has a true sense of morality. A Human Becoming.
ZEN HAR HAR on Friday July 1, 2011
Fun playing with him!
Das Kreuz on Wednesday June 29, 2011
Yeah gotta agree with ourbee1985. XdarkchaotixX is just a stupid dumb child who copies and pastes comments made on his wall. Douchebag.
nonfat_stumpy on Friday June 24, 2011
What a retard. He flagged me and then attacked me. I could have wiped this guy out. Pretty much a cunning cheater. Please watch out. Coward. Lol at your self post. Nice one, and stop making shit up on my wall.
XdarkchaotixX on Monday June 20, 2011
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