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Inappropriate avatar. -avatar mystery man 5:22 PM, Tuesday December 30, 2008 EST

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Dont help kill backstabbers when they offer secure 2nd but i must say sorry for bad treatament.
SlashHW on Thursday November 15, 2012
Your moms my SPECIAL ED teacher and I've learned alot! ( I just felt like leaving random comments)
medicallyalive on Friday August 7, 2009
doesn't respect flags.
theremin on Thursday July 9, 2009
Thanks for your nice review! i had no real chance to get a better position, so it was a pleasure for me to do a little bit for you :)
Mrs. M on Thursday May 21, 2009
great player a pleasure
nadowns on Thursday April 30, 2009
Good Player who will understand non spoken in game diplomatics. Thumbs up!
Megagod on Wednesday March 18, 2009
Excellent player. Flagged 2nd even though he was 1st, cuz he had promised me it before. Very trust worthy. Thank you!
redice on Friday March 6, 2009
To foo foo he is responding to the unflattering review I left him, for doing what he is complaining about. I guess that is what you do when you're a foo foo.
GorillaMan00 on Thursday March 5, 2009
Terrible player, PGA'S all over the place
MADH8TER on Sunday February 22, 2009
Likes to attacked flagged players when he is 1st. Watch out!
foo foo on Saturday February 7, 2009
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