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burnination wrote
at 1:50 AM, Sunday May 9, 2010 EDT
also i just felt like quoting Lord of the Rings on your page. i hope you don't mind.
burnination wrote
at 1:46 AM, Sunday May 9, 2010 EDT
+10 rep
StrikeF wrote
at 7:58 PM, Monday March 15, 2010 EDT
haha yeah I been busy and yeah ill be on and off too
StrikeF wrote
at 12:42 AM, Friday February 19, 2010 EST
Hey sup man just restarted playing kdice :)
prometheus_ wrote
at 5:26 PM, Sunday March 29, 2009 EDT
Definition of irony:
average player skills....but doesn't understand the game and whines ceaselessly for newbie reasons. Also look at his wall...LOL prometheus when you are spending time documenting kdice chat, i think it's time you realize you need to get a life mang. Time for a reality check bro. Life's too short for that and NOBODY cares about your internet drama...
ImbettathanAnish on Sunday March 29, 2009
(3rd edit)
prometheus_ wrote
at 1:56 AM, Sunday March 29, 2009 EDT
edit: that was ImbettathanAnish.
prometheus_ wrote
at 11:26 PM, Saturday March 28, 2009 EDT
The problem with kdice ;(

prometheus_: eh its okay, just asked you why you had to cut :|
###: someone wrote something in the text
###: gg
###: because i wanted dom
prometheus_: yeah, but you screwed my dom :|
###: you were 2nd
###: its always the 1st places dom
###: gg
### has left
prometheus_ wrote
at 3:58 AM, Friday February 27, 2009 EST
(For the record, the last two posts should be read in the top to bottom order)
prometheus_ wrote
at 3:38 AM, Friday February 27, 2009 EST
zigana's turn
botch defeated 3v2, 7 to 4, (1,3,3 to 1,3) botch defeated 4v3, 13 to 8, (1,2,6,4 to 1,4,3) +4 dice
prometheus_ wrote
at 3:37 AM, Friday February 27, 2009 EST
zigana: yellow truce
botch: shut up
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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