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Spider J.

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Still doesn't know what to do in certain situations. After all these years playing.
g00b1 on Friday September 9, 2011
Mr.Maxwell on Thursday July 21, 2011
Bla20020 on Saturday July 2, 2011
You can count on him playing nice and strategic. This means exactly what it says: you can benefit solely from expecting rational moves of him.
Äkäkäkäkä! on Wednesday June 29, 2011
Retarded person, play fairly seems his opinion as a stupid crime. Pay attention and be careful.
gabi6 on Saturday June 25, 2011
The fact that you thought you would get a chance to fight across the whole map to fight for 4th place on a 100 table, after everyone sat and waited for you to finish off 6th place is laughable.
N00bSCH001BU5 on Friday June 10, 2011
Just played him. he had an easy opportunity to backstab for first and instead idled out honorably.
DrunkDaShiVa on Saturday April 2, 2011
Mint Royale on Monday March 28, 2011
stabbed me out of 3rd...ASSHOLE PLAYER
K-Man on Tuesday March 22, 2011
plays 100s with 2500 points: what a pathetic coward. pick your fights, spider. you deserved the verbal beating you got back there.
captainLAGER on Thursday March 17, 2011
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