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When a problem comes along? -You must whip it? -Before the cream sets out too long ?-You must whip it?
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This player has been modded by the community

Here's your self fulling prophecy. I expected pathetic lies from you but you lower yourself so low that you don't deserve post. -post jurgen 5:33 AM, Monday January 18, 2016 EST
you can play again +play Rowdyazell 11:16 AM, Tuesday May 22, 2012 EDT
wanna pga then find another place to do it -play Rowdyazell 4:56 PM, Monday May 21, 2012 EDT

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Remember when you were a mod and you sucked dick at it... so you got de-modded and then quit Kdice like a little bitch? We all do.
BugThug on Tuesday February 10, 2015
BDK is the greatest mod of all time. Very just and he is a fun guy. Why the hate?
Higgin on Wednesday January 7, 2015
BDK is a mod?! Hahahhaahhahaa that must be joke of the century. Last time I played this game he used to wank with one hand and play with the other, total wanker.
Omarinho on Tuesday January 6, 2015
Fatman, he is on perma, so whenever I see any of his account I auto-ban. Sorry for any inconvenience for you.
BigDaddyKane on Tuesday December 23, 2014
aminal on Friday December 19, 2014
nice guy, let me farm him, eat his cheese, take the kill, sleep with his sister and his mom was a great lady <3
Im Defeated on Monday December 15, 2014
OK i will not use that word. Lesson learned, its been 9 days... how long am I silenced?
Who'sNutz? on Tuesday December 9, 2014
he made clone Fafman_x and spread shit and spammed all high tables, better watch what he is doing (agent mulder or however you prefer to call him) now i will made your clone and clone will spam 2k and 5k, ok? Its obviously normal for you. Obviously you trying to made shit in this game and you got power trip or what??? Better think how to perma ban that moron then how to ban people who try to piss him so he leave this comunity!
Fatman_x on Sunday November 30, 2014
LOL BDK, Bigest coward CUNT ever.
Rafkrik on Wednesday November 5, 2014
sorry please i cant playing now :( sorry please restored my counth =D i love you =D
@DIEGOi14 on Monday September 15, 2014
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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