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very unreliable in tourney against the IQ proxies. tried playing selfishly and, eventually, incompetently and thus made IQ win the round and get tourney points in the end. fortunately IQ only had one account in the tourney, otherwise it would likely still be blocked today. not a recommended partner player.
DIVELIZ on Wednesday November 3, 2021
Mindows is an untrue backstabber in tournament. so please kill him asap
Terkal on Tuesday April 27, 2021
good tournament
heraclitus on Thursday May 14, 2020
learn to play a fair game
Tippy G on Thursday March 19, 2020
learn the rules, not im the moron ;)
Fraghunter on Thursday February 27, 2020
kamikaze Mike on Tuesday February 19, 2019
very troubled person
generalissimus S on Tuesday November 13, 2018
the guy who cannot say flag, and cry about stabbing. LOL
Az_Balu on Tuesday November 13, 2018
Very good at taking care of his advantage only, that is farming and alike. Not a pleasure to have at the table.
Louis Cypher on Friday March 16, 2018
Nice and honorable player. Was a good game.
Jnko on Tuesday February 28, 2017
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