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generalissimus S on Friday May 15, 2020
backstabber. flags after I attack and then uses that as justification to backstab. poor player.
Zete02 on Monday May 4, 2020
Hero On Time: flag purple too zioro2: flag purp Hero On Time: purple? Hero On Time: why people no respect the other figths sergio2: sorry Hero On Time: blue respected yours purple Hero On Time: why cannot do the same? sergio2: i love kill Hero On Time: so you missrespect a figth for take 1 kill? sergio2: sorry
Hero On Time on Wednesday November 8, 2017
Eish, what a whiner. Tip: if someone is kind enough to leave one side open for you for 2 rounds and communicates this - take it! Your crying tho is pathetic.
Pharao on Thursday January 7, 2016
pga on zero table, low
Kurton on Thursday December 24, 2015
fair & decent player.
@malvonme on Monday December 21, 2015
attack this guy if you want some laughs. he's a fucking baby.
ldo on Saturday December 5, 2015
backstabber and moron
LeszekJestem on Tuesday November 10, 2015
Fight with honor. Left kill!
AlbanBanal on Monday October 19, 2015
thx for the kill
flughund on Wednesday September 9, 2015
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