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TAPL/TAZD CHAMP 2007 2008 2009
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Recognized on 2:50 PM, Sunday February 12, 2012 EST by Amber Dyer
Mr. Fiero here is an exceptional player. Although he has retired this account, he is still one of the best known players at Kdice. fiero600 remains one of the most glorified and amazing players to ever play this game. His play style, forum posts, and raps are truly epic, inspirational, and deserving of the highest praise. Thank you once again for all you've given to this game!
Recognized on 6:47 AM, Sunday February 20, 2011 EST by KDICEMOD
One of the most famous and infamous accounts in KDice history. Highly decorated. A true champion. Overcame long odds and bad luck for alot of months. He died before his time...
Recognized on 11:10 PM, Friday September 18, 2009 EDT by These cards suck
For helping to keep the game free of PGA as a mod (banfest) and non-mod as well as being arguably the best KDice user ever to play the game, along with a solid win in the month of July 2009. Plus this user has the best overall winning percent in the game (tapl) for the previous 2.5 years.


This player has been modded by the community

restored for now. gl hf +play +post integral 11:21 PM, Tuesday March 14, 2017 EDT
I clearly explained you that giving +post on top of +chat was a huge stretch for me but since you claimed all you wanted back was those and not play I wanted to be a nice guy. Now that I found out that you were just trying to trick me and use your weaseling tactics to get more, I'm not happy anymore with adding post. You broke the deal, not me -post jurgen 10:15 AM, Wednesday September 9, 2015 EDT
to be clear, Fiero600 will stay -play forever. But it's been long enough and -chat -post back seems like a reasonable gesture on the condition that Jesse doesn't abuse the regained freedom on this account. +chat +post jurgen 8:36 AM, Wednesday September 9, 2015 EDT
int fooled you! -chat -play -post jurgen 7:31 AM, Wednesday September 9, 2015 EDT
restored for now +changeAvatar +chat +play +post integral 8:58 AM, Saturday April 4, 2015 EDT
Account honorably retired. You will sit high upon my mantle and bask in the company of The Niggler and 1,000 Chase alts. You will be missed... -changeAvatar -chat -play -post KDICEMOD 6:48 AM, Sunday February 20, 2011 EST
Eloquently said, restriction lifted. I will hold you to what you said in this, however: http://www.kdice.com/discussion/topics/44801563 Having said that, I will also inform TBY that he is to match your commitment in regards to the standard of behaviour and that a sword cuts both ways. +post Myriad 1:10 PM, Sunday November 7, 2010 EST
For using the forum as a tool of harassment with regards to TheBetterYodel. If you want my reason, refer to the second general rule of kdice. http://www.kdice.com/rules I won't be reinstating your post privileges until I have confirmation it won't be happening again. A little bit of mockery I can understand but what you did under the guise of another account was malicious and counts as, in my mind, bullying. -post Myriad 2:02 AM, Saturday November 6, 2010 EDT
Ban lifted. In the future please use decent language on the forum. +post mystery man 8:20 PM, Monday December 29, 2008 EST
Using obscene and abusive language in the forum.A one week ban will be imposed to give the player time to calm down. -post mystery man 11:10 PM, Tuesday December 23, 2008 EST

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Kinda retarted
landi on Thursday June 14, 2018
this guy looks like a bitch
twinky on Saturday September 21, 2013
Why did you ban @skaradeg and chiefkeef for PGA? You are just mad that you lost the game and are using your powers as a mod unreasonably. In fact you got second place after @skaradeg sat out when he could have had first.Who are you to ban them when you yourself are known for being a stabber and a PGA player.
Stanktank on Wednesday April 3, 2013
this player sucks so hard
VolleKanne on Saturday March 9, 2013
THe player JUSTcallmePRE has been getting players personal information and posting them as a review for others to look up. I feel as if this is a violation of my kdice privacy. If people want to good me fine, but my full name and where I live and my facebook page should not be posted on my reviews. Please have the review removed the player handled appropriately!
yxalag1uoi on Sunday October 7, 2012
Veta on Sunday July 29, 2012
The biggest cheating piece of shit this site has ever seen. Fuck you you mother fucking faggot fuck. I hope you get hit by a bus you dirty troll.
TheBetterYodel on Saturday February 26, 2011
IDIOT!!! I was flagged and he attacked me!
MaxWanted on Saturday December 25, 2010
attacking me when i flagd him!!!!
0ne world on Saturday December 25, 2010
can't be trusted.
Virlomi on Monday November 1, 2010
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