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I think it is possible that I could have been wrong. What I say was thanks, 23 then the flop a 3 then gyik bets 90+k mustang calls river 3 gyik hits trips and folds...so you can see how fishy this looks...but i will give you the benefit of the doubt and lift the ban +chat +play +post lynnmay 3:34 PM, Friday July 29, 2011 EDT
sat there and watched gyik and mustang exchange chips. gyik told him he had 23 the board showed trip 3's 90k+ pot gyik folded without mustang raising -chat -play -post lynnmay 2:44 PM, Friday July 29, 2011 EDT
Restored +chat +post KDICEMOD 11:40 PM, Wednesday July 27, 2011 EDT
No, you can't just keep saying n***er. -chat -post KDICEMOD 6:48 AM, Friday July 22, 2011 EDT
welcome back must!!!!!! +changeAvatar +chat +play +post jurgen 5:43 AM, Friday July 8, 2011 EDT
Requested Ban. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post MadHat_Sam 11:16 AM, Monday November 1, 2010 EDT

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a stabber
Tachka on Thursday June 19, 2014
miss u stang
Caesar on Sunday June 23, 2013
he says flag then he like to stabbing dont belive anytime this guy.just kill.
BirDakika on Friday June 21, 2013
It's a trustworthy guy, you can trust him.
Shoop_King on Sunday June 9, 2013
Stabber and pgas his friends. Most likely will go unnoticed by mods.
Buttwank on Wednesday June 5, 2013
backstabbing cunt
vinze on Tuesday June 4, 2013
Does not respect flags
BahamianNoob on Sunday February 5, 2012
quit kakku tools and your chat will work again
dottir on Monday October 10, 2011
dirty player, manipulative, backstabber, pga w/ a bunch of people
degen on Sunday September 25, 2011
nice guy!
PitoPao on Wednesday September 14, 2011
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