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Kosovo is Serbia
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It's nice to have such players in the game who understand how to play, fair and always fun to play with .
ZIGIBOOM on Monday May 13, 2024
You are a great and fair player, I learned a lot from you. Keep it up!
g_r_1987 on Monday February 12, 2024
Been a great player, keep up the good work! Great game with you http://kdice.com/games/94446232
SOCRATES SLB on Saturday September 30, 2023
proxies Generalstab / URRAA
deffonotTimer on Monday February 27, 2023
kdice is slow when modding, it might take 15 minutes to remove that
gnice37 on Saturday February 25, 2023
PGA with Avigdor. Also a massive cunt
Joey44 on Thursday December 15, 2022
ignores flag-rules in tournament :-((
Terkal on Thursday December 8, 2022
Ojjj, srbine crni vraze, ima li ti ista od Turskog kurca draze. Ojjj srbine kukala ti majka, otac ti je Turcin, to nije bajka. Ojjj srbine peder si u dusi, zato Turcinu na Kosovu kurac pusi.
Pashaa on Saturday November 26, 2022
Dont have to lie, when everybody can see
Aleksa_bre on Friday November 25, 2022
Generalstab is his proxy acc he is CUNT
shadolin on Thursday November 10, 2022
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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