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Recognized on 5:26 AM, Thursday August 9, 2012 EDT by jurgen
congratulations on winning the 11111 challenge (http://kdice.com/discussion/topics/44813642)

This player has been modded by the community

I hope you understand what this warning was all about. +play jurgen 9:24 AM, Friday December 13, 2013 EST
2 day warning ban, not to push the limits of what's acceptable. thanks for understanding -play jurgen 10:32 AM, Wednesday December 11, 2013 EST

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nice person
greeen on Friday November 24, 2023
this clown is not even close to the real record holder.
Alperen Kalay on Saturday October 1, 2022
Talented player and a formidable opponent
drtr on Sunday May 2, 2021
Can't possibly be as pretty as the av picture irl, but even so, quite a decent chap
fuzzymcfuzz on Sunday March 28, 2021
He is a sad man. He wants to be shadolin, but he is stuck being cesar. :(
gtzlat on Saturday March 13, 2021
Hey Caesar :-) nice to hear from you, it's been ages.. i hope you and your loved ones are still healthy and doing well. Take care, Caesar
Mrs. M on Sunday November 22, 2020
gtzlat, aka shadolin, you are such a real loser. Still cant accept your lose after 7 years, still creating pathetic story to make yourself feel better.
Caesar on Sunday June 21, 2020
Congrats on reaching level 98 and good tournament with you. Hope to see you around!
Wuttt on Friday June 12, 2020
Cant help but love the Caesar. Class player. That's what $500 gets you folks. You too could get a review by me, Created for just $500!
Created on Monday June 8, 2020
A worthy opponent.
chipati on Saturday March 21, 2020
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