CoMik Table
MadWilly wrote
at 2:10 PM, Friday January 23, 2009 EST

XCRobin wrote
at 12:14 PM, Friday January 23, 2009 CST
Ryan, once upon a time when table names weren't decided by how well someone placed in a month, there was a permanent CoMik table. I think that he deserves this again. He contributed more to this game than any other player. He invested his own money and time into this site. I know that you had your disputes, but he was a great player, adversary, and friend.

I think that the majority of the community would be for this idea. That's just my two cents worth.

125 people think this is a good idea

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Debster wrote
at 9:19 PM, Saturday January 24, 2009 EST
I agree... but I think that it should be "Cody"
Sophalis wrote
at 3:13 PM, Sunday January 25, 2009 EST
Cody seconded.
kdiceking* wrote
at 5:41 PM, Monday January 26, 2009 EST
Ryan you might have had your disputes at times but you have to make this happen
MadWilly wrote
at 12:39 PM, Thursday January 29, 2009 EST
thx for reacting ryan.
existential wrote
at 3:35 PM, Thursday January 29, 2009 EST
the lack of response is the coldest response one could give.

congrats ryan.
mr Kreuzfeld wrote
at 5:55 AM, Friday January 30, 2009 EST

if you had been the table-leader ryan
there would have been mass revolts
greenoaks wrote
at 7:14 AM, Friday January 30, 2009 EST
you've got to be kidding MadWilly.

the majority of this site couldn't give a shit who CoMik/cody was.

most wouldn't have known he existed.

that makes it easy for ryan to pretend he didn't.

Big JumbIies wrote
at 12:29 PM, Monday February 9, 2009 EST
Cody was a contributor to the community who wrote up the Tournaments section under "help". So unless you change the author of that page, ppl give a shit.
rerrr wrote
at 12:38 PM, Monday February 9, 2009 EST

go for it please.
Big JumbIies wrote
at 5:27 PM, Monday February 9, 2009 EST
He already did btw:

I was just responding to Greenoaks comments.
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