Show a fast motion replay of the game just played while the table fills up.
I_suck wrote
at 12:55 AM, Wednesday July 18, 2007 EDT

196 people think this is a good idea

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JDVegas wrote
at 8:14 AM, Friday July 20, 2007 EDT
still love this idea
Maddin_for_gold wrote
at 8:26 AM, Friday July 20, 2007 EDT
like dice wars. not bad.
k*dice*legend* wrote
at 9:12 AM, Friday July 20, 2007 EDT
this idea should happen its popular
I_suck wrote
at 2:52 PM, Friday July 20, 2007 EDT
Then you can have a replay of that 7v2 defend or brilliant cut! And who wouldn't want to see those again? Or people sitting in half way could understand what the players are talking about.
Hakapeci wrote
at 11:21 AM, Friday January 11, 2008 EST
the idea is good, but this could increase lags, think about it, now if u play in a map, the server only need to calculate your points and make random dice throws... but for a replay, the server should record all of the movements, all of the throws and all of the results...

that would slow down the whole server-local speed, and not enough to make it available in the server to store these datas... need to think about players with slow net connection too.

(sorry my english if there be typos)
browneye wrote
at 6:26 PM, Monday January 14, 2008 EST
omfg, i love that idea -- it would save me from having to watch youtube while I wait for games.
Improv42 wrote
at 3:38 PM, Tuesday March 18, 2008 EDT
Cool idea.
ProxyCheater wrote
at 12:16 AM, Monday June 16, 2008 EDT
There might be a way to have the client cache the game history. That would allow the replay for players, but might not help people who join mid stream. However, it shouldn't have a big impact on lag if it was done that way. I'm guessing most PCs could store the history with no problem, at least for the current table.
voxall wrote
at 4:43 PM, Saturday September 6, 2008 EDT
I still like the idea.
captainLAGER wrote
at 6:31 PM, Wednesday October 1, 2008 EDT
I dont think this idea would cause lag, as there is not a lot of bandwidth involved. the server-client communication should be pretty basic. My estimation is that an entire game log would not exceed the size of 10kB.

The difficult part is convincing ryan to implement it. this idea has been up for almost 14 months, so it's probably a lot of work. maybe a donation drive would do the trick?
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