Ban players that add racist comments to other player's profile
nachomaster wrote
at 12:52 AM, Monday March 5, 2007 EST

171 people think this is a good idea

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XicaDaSilva wrote
at 1:01 AM, Monday March 5, 2007 EST
This has gone too far now. I already deleted three time these types of insults from the same player.

The situation is very clear here, this is not text cut/paste from the chat which can be altered, the comment is signed.

So I would appreciate banning this player.


lardhat wrote
at 8:45 PM, Thursday March 8, 2007 EST
I support that.
lucky_luke wrote
at 11:24 AM, Saturday March 10, 2007 EST
Me too
Sire Timothy wrote
at 3:06 PM, Saturday March 10, 2007 EST
me too
manbearpig wrote
at 12:36 AM, Sunday March 11, 2007 EST
Racism can be funny in real life, by comedians and such, but not on kdice. Leave that stuff to the outside world.
XicaDaSilva wrote
at 1:21 AM, Sunday March 11, 2007 EST
Thanks for voting!
If you happen to have racist comments in your profile post the candidates to be banned on this forum <a href="">thread</a>;.
TheBorg wrote
at 8:29 AM, Tuesday March 13, 2007 EDT
i vote no, not that i'm racest, but free speach makes this game great
JDizzle787 wrote
at 7:49 PM, Saturday March 17, 2007 EDT
A teacher once told me that even though there may be free speech, it encroaches on others' amendments or feelings, or something like that. Free speech is nice, but, for those people who are the offenders, how do would you feel if I called you white-trash, a n*gg*r, c*nt, sp*c, ch*nk, or any other racial epithet? I admit, it's "funny" to act that way, but, even though I can withstand most of my friends attempts to degrade my self esteem, the thing that gets me is a joke about ADD. I have it, and, just as a pre-emptive info about it: it's nothing like the magazines or newspapers say

We all have out characteristics we don't want to face, or flaws that make us different, and, even though some may be relevant or not even worth making fun of, there's always an idiot to test that.
theturbolemming wrote
at 10:45 PM, Saturday March 17, 2007 EDT
I support it.
Newbeee wrote
at 7:20 PM, Sunday March 18, 2007 EDT
nice id got support by me
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