Happy Mothers Day
gnice37 wrote
at 9:01 PM, Friday May 12, 2023 EDT
Happy Mothers Day to all the woman on kdice. I hope you have a great weekend.

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Voo wrote
at 1:51 PM, Saturday May 13, 2023 EDT
ty , same there Greg!
Louis Cypher wrote
at 3:20 AM, Tuesday May 16, 2023 EDT
Why would you congratulate "all women" to mothers day? In these days of overwhelming, unlimited, crazy political correctness I think this is some sort of sexism as you reduce females to their potential biological role of motherhood not seeing that there are many other opportunities for all humans.....

Other than that and besides being late: happy mothers day to all mothers.

Note: I am so sick of political correctness...
greeen wrote
at 10:00 AM, Tuesday May 16, 2023 EDT
@Louis..what about Father's day?
deffonotTimer wrote
at 4:43 PM, Tuesday May 16, 2023 EDT
what an unnecessary reply to a warm-hearted post, louis
at 11:29 AM, Wednesday May 17, 2023 EDT
deffonotMommy :'-(
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:14 AM, Friday May 19, 2023 EDT
Father's day is not a simple thing.

Increasingly it gets referred to as "men's day" around here, preferably by younger men not yet confronted with the numerous aspects of father hood. Of course the same difference between women and mothers mentioned above apply to men and fathers. However, discrimination of men as being seen as fathers only has no history up to my knowledge, whereas seeing women occupied with kitchen, kids and church only does have its history. So, while I do object to that misconception as well, the risk of sexism against men is quite low in comparisson.

In addition, there is the official annual "International Women's Day" on March 8th. This goes back more than 100 years and is accepted by the UN, so very formal (check wikipedia for details). So all women do have their day and mothers have their own day in addition. From that point of view and without all the trolling I successfully added in my initial post, it is fine to distinguish mothers from women without denying a day to any of them.

The annual "International Men's Day" is on November 19th and was created in 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago. It is supported by many countries and the UN as well (again, check wikipedia).

Therefor all I said about Mother's Day should be considered for Father's day just the same. In total, any society (and even mankind) would be doomed without mothers and fathers (and of course several other aspects). So the day honoring these two groups should be left to them. There are occasions for the others.

Aside: Nice to see the forum is at least read. ;-)
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