Worth observation
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:42 AM, Monday October 18, 2021 EDT
It is worth to carefully observe the games of Nagarigo and IQ IQ. Both accounts have been created in October 21 and so far they have played all games at the same tables. Currently they are doing a good job in the 250 Taeglich Remix tourney.

It is getting more and more obvious with every game they play. This is teamplay-cheating.

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at 3:43 PM, Monday October 18, 2021 EDT
intuitively thought the same. the nickname does suggest a link to bivo, doesn't it? didn't he play as "IQ Bivo" for a while?
so it might actually be bivo himself or some other funny guy trying to link bivo to these new (supposed) proxies/alts/whatever. re tourneys, be careful and cooperative when necessary and possible.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 7:01 AM, Tuesday October 19, 2021 EDT
Whoever it is, it is hardly Bivo - too silent ;-)
Veta wrote
at 10:10 AM, Tuesday October 19, 2021 EDT
Yes, they cheated against me as well.
Louis Cypher wrote
at 2:30 AM, Friday October 22, 2021 EDT
They added a 3rd account to this mimicking the old ifigenius-account by using the L-trick:

It makes it more likely this is an experienced player behind this...
kamikaze Mike wrote
at 5:57 AM, Sunday October 24, 2021 EDT
last days it is clearly that IQ IQ uses few other accounts which help him to get high score playing at the same boards
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