Forum/Gameplay Rules and Guidelines
Posted By: Bone-Roller at 3:37 PM, Wednesday October 5, 2011 EDT
Forum Posting Guidelines:

1) Don't create threads that are entitled in a profane, obscene, racist, or otherwise obviously objectionable fashion. If posting such a thread would get you punished at home, school, or work, then you can expect that it will get you punished here.

2) If such a thread has been posted and a mod penalizes the poster, don't bump it. Especially do not bump it if the thread has fallen off the front page of the forums.

3) When posting in threads, please try to use some sense of decorum. Posts that are simply profanity-laden rants, insults, or suggestions that other players perform biologically improbable, unsanitary, or unsavory acts may be held to be actionable. Again, if your post would get you punished by your parent, expelled/suspended/sent to the principal's office at school, or fired from work, it may achieve the same result here. Individual posts inside threads will receive more leeway than objectionably entitled threads themselves, but not much.

4) Don't post walls of spam when leaving a negative review of another player.

Failure to follow these posting guidelines may result in warns or bans, not only for the alt you use to break the rules, but also for any other accounts that are identified as belonging to you.

Gameplay Guidelines:

The following is a partial list of proscribed actions/behaviors that will get you warned or banned. This is not a complete list. Do not think that, just because a specific item is not listed, that it is allowed. The spirit of the rules will be enforced, not just the letter of the rules. When in doubt about whether something is actionable, I would strongly advise you to err on the side of caution. One of the original rules that Ryan had for Kdice was to "be nice". If you are contemplating something that may give you an unfair advantage, it is probably not "nice" and may result in a warning or a ban. Be advised that penalties for illicit activities will be assessed against the player(s) engaging in the actionable activity, not simply against the alt(s) used at the time. If you get busted, the penalty will be applied to any and all accounts that are identified as belonging to you. My policy is that alts do not commit offenses, players do. If you commit a serious offense, then you should be punished across the board, not simply by having a throw-away alt banned.

1) Shared accounts are against the rules, so don't create or use them. Any account that is used by more than one individual, for whatever reason, is a shared account. Any account that is found to be shared will be permanently banned. In addition, all of the known accounts of the players determined to be using the shared account will be banned. This policy applies to both intentionally and inadvertently shared accounts, so protect your log-in data by keeping it secret. Don't give it out for any reason to anyone, unless you want the account (and all your other accounts) to be banned.

2) Don't steal, disseminate, or use other player's log-in data.

3) Don't create accounts that impersonate other players and appear to be intended to make other players believe that the original player is operating the fake.

4) Don't PGA. If you choose to play with your Old Trusted Friend (OTF), don't engage in team play with that person. Blatant, undisclosed OTF behavior is the same thing as PGA and is an punishable offense.

5) Don't use hate language, go on obscene, vitriolic rants that continue unreasonably, or otherwise spam the chat box during games.

6) Don't conspire with other players to game the system and create a disadvantage to the general player population.

6) Don't use proxy IPs.

7) Don't funnel points.

8) Don't use exploits, loopholes, or hacks of any kind.

Note that none of the above rules or guidelines prohibit cut-throat playing. You are still free to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. You want to farm? Cool. You want to back stab? Do it. You want to cut the crap out of someone. Have fun. You want to screw someone's game just for the hell of it? Indulge your wildest fancies. All of that is transparent, self-regulating, and within the bounds of the game.

However, if it is against the rules, DON'T DO IT. If you think that it might be against the rules, DON'T DO IT. You may very well get away with the scam for a long while, but if you are caught, you will suffer harsh consequences. If you choose to cheat, or to abuse the system in whatever fashion, then you do so with the full knowledge of what the punishment will be if you are caught.

Be advised that that my rulings and those of my fellow mods will always be subjective. When we make a ruling and take action, we are interpreting both the letter and the spirit of the rules. We will always seek to act impartially and fairly, but our interpretation of what is fair and impartial may differ from yours. Make your life (and ours) easier by simply playing fairly.

In the end, if you disagree with any ruling, you may always appeal to the ultimate arbiter of justice: Ryan.

GL and HF

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SprintTx wrote
at 5:30 PM, Monday August 23, 2010 EDT
SprintTx wrote
at 5:33 PM, Monday August 23, 2010 EDT
pooch723 wrote
at 11:41 PM, Monday August 23, 2010 EDT
Bone, I just have one question to you and really would appreciate an honest do you suppose we get a hold of Ryan? I have tried repetitively to get through to him with no success. Not being offensive to you but this is just my 2 cents worth, sorry.
Kdice_CPR wrote
at 7:39 PM, Tuesday August 24, 2010 EDT
appreciate this alot
thanks Br :)
DoubleDogDareYa wrote
at 8:46 PM, Tuesday August 24, 2010 EDT
Best written rule book since the inception of this game. Thanks Boney!
SprintTx wrote
at 2:36 AM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
I stick to my belief that all rules in regards to PGA are moot.
dasfury wrote
at 10:27 AM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
OTF = Old Trusted Friend
Bone-Roller wrote
at 5:24 PM, Wednesday August 25, 2010 EDT
@ Pooch: As far as I know, the only means of contacting Ryan is through his email.

@ Das: Thank you for the correction.
Kdice_CPR wrote
at 5:39 PM, Thursday August 26, 2010 EDT
i do disagree with 1 thing
according to your rule

if one shares his acct in chat
then someone logs in
both parties get banned
seems a lil unfair to punish the one that logged into the other's acct
so i hope a mod will disagree with you there
i mean how can you report the acct shared
if you never log into
Shevar wrote
at 2:52 AM, Friday August 27, 2010 EDT
Trav, the answer to your question is pretty simple. You just give a mod the login info without testing it in advance.
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