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Lucas Barbosa

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No respect. I accepted his flag however it made me weaker, then he refused to flag out (however was obviously last), because he hoped to outlive me, when i was fighting with another PGE player. Weak.
22 april on Thursday April 1, 2021
Muy buen jugador, con agallas. Saludos bro
Francisco Lezana on Monday May 11, 2020
this guy is a pussy
O_SO_SMOOTH14 on Tuesday December 6, 2016
Changes mind about flags even after I clearly asked him whether he accepted my flag given the circumstances. He agreed then changed his mind a few turns later. Also PGE.
@chrisXBT on Saturday June 6, 2015
cool as a cucumber!
microwavedh2o on Saturday March 28, 2015
Ignorant and unrespectful player, kill asap.!
anythig on Thursday March 26, 2015
good player great tourney
getLucky on Wednesday March 25, 2015
DoobiusMalcor on Saturday March 21, 2015
helped taking stabber "aken" out ... but once stabbed others
Grux on Thursday March 5, 2015
Not so bad, really.
Fingerbib on Tuesday February 17, 2015
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