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niczrobo wrote
at 10:41 PM, Tuesday March 4, 2014 CST
Hey Myriad dont know if u still are on here havent talked to u in a long time nice job becoming a mod
WieGehts wrote
at 5:17 AM, Saturday November 23, 2013 CST
you still alive anyhow? i wasnt here since ages..
Marius_1987 wrote
at 9:24 AM, Thursday August 11, 2011 CDT
(+212 for 1st and +0 for dominance)
Rank: 715th Score: +212 to 616◆.
Marius_1987 finishes 1st in round 172
Myriad wrote
at 2:28 AM, Tuesday February 22, 2011 CST
Khloe Kardashian, Alexis Colby
Myriad wrote
at 5:41 AM, Thursday January 13, 2011 CST
grassmann, Cascoporro, rubencn pga
Myriad wrote
at 6:26 AM, Wednesday January 12, 2011 CST
neutral defeated 8v1, 35 to 2, (2,6,5,2,6,6,4,4 to 2)
Jouster III wrote
at 12:37 AM, Saturday January 8, 2011 CST
Boogybytes and other were playing as a team. They would go to partially full 100 tables and ask for players and then gang up on them. Really frustrating. Thought you should know.
Myriad wrote
at 5:38 AM, Saturday November 6, 2010 CDT
Definitely not a candidate as an honourary Australian:

CCSKAOT: I know you're aussie and all
CCSKAOT: but I tried vegemite
CCSKAOT: and I threw up

Myriad wrote
at 8:27 AM, Monday September 13, 2010 CDT
Meh I'm over this game for awhile
Myriad wrote
at 8:53 AM, Sunday August 22, 2010 CDT
Myriad: i might go and win a 100

(+212 for 1st and +0 for dominance)
Rank: 579th Score: +212 to 2067◆.
Myriad finishes 1st in round 18

7 player 100 level, 31 territories.

It's nice when you can back your words up with actions.

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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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