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ryan:i have a big plans for this site!!!
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This player has been modded by the community

Enough time served. +chat Myriad 10:49 PM, Tuesday July 6, 2010 EDT
Spamming is prohibited. Please don't do it. One day without chat as punishment. -chat Myriad 11:32 AM, Tuesday July 6, 2010 EDT
User changed his mind. +play These cards suck 4:58 PM, Saturday April 17, 2010 EDT
These cards suck: nexon: please call mods to ban me <---- joke or no joke?
nexon: :)
nexon: nexon dont care
nexon: :)
These cards suck: ok I'll ban ya then
Use may return when ever he wants find a mod to lift the ban
-play These cards suck 4:56 PM, Saturday April 17, 2010 EDT
Ban lifted. In the future please use decent language on the forum. +post mystery man 8:20 PM, Monday December 29, 2008 EST
Player used obscene, abusive language on the forum. -post mystery man 8:25 PM, Friday December 26, 2008 EST
a simple misunderstanding +chat Grunvagr 7:19 PM, Sunday August 31, 2008 EDT
being an idiot spamming no text lines -chat Grunvagr 7:15 PM, Sunday August 31, 2008 EDT
chat/post restored +chat +post fiero600 3:32 PM, Thursday July 31, 2008 EDT
Loss of chat privilege for chat spamming. Rights will be returned in 3 days. -chat -post fiero600 3:37 AM, Thursday July 31, 2008 EDT
PGA's or any intent to help another player prior to a game is entirely unacceptable. Group efforts to boost the points of one player is not tolerated. This is a serious offense. Therefore, as a result, you are banned for 14 days. -play fiero600 11:46 PM, Wednesday July 30, 2008 EDT

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You are very beautiful
gilbe on Thursday October 18, 2012
amirenk on Wednesday June 6, 2012
dicebomb on Sunday April 22, 2012
just read all his reviews, enough said..total asshole..
beatol on Sunday April 8, 2012
BROKE FLAG. BAD PLAYER. + filthy talk the whole game, showing my kids this game - and they totaly was put of due to his talk. dont trust him,
PEACEMAN5 on Friday February 24, 2012
fucking pga noob cunt sucks his dads pussy
funtadan on Friday February 24, 2012
pga everyboard everygame
Henrik on Tuesday February 7, 2012
big big idiot and retarded
igino on Sunday January 22, 2012
Retard pga Bitch asshole!! Fuck she asap!
Matyi Somogyi on Tuesday January 3, 2012
remember to perma pge.
Mens Rea on Thursday December 22, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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