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You are a fair player Twiga, just can't understand why you play with pga, trucing Twinky. He talks shit all the time
stefke on Tuesday March 16, 2021
Again, cool move to leave that kill. Very honorable.
Ehrnrooth on Sunday February 21, 2021
Fair and honorable
Aleksa_bre on Friday February 12, 2021
Fair player
fgfx on Saturday February 6, 2021
cool and fair player.
Fatih Sultan on Tuesday January 19, 2021
Good and fair player.
arkenkor on Thursday January 15, 2015
this jackalope is a real piece of work.. i accept his weak weak flag.. but then try to take him out when he only has three lands left in order to fight an obvious 2 v 1.. sticks around just to screw me over, complaining i didn't accept his flag. oh ya.. he got fourth just like he was destined for. if u don't have the reasoning skills required for this game.. then u shouldn't be playing. simple
Amoos on Thursday December 11, 2014
Good fair player.
etjam on Thursday October 9, 2014
fair player, let kill
Richarto on Wednesday October 8, 2014
fair player -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Volvic on Wednesday May 7, 2014
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