Practice tables to play without a score change
Sparqs wrote
at 12:14 AM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST

131 people think this is a good idea

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burkaygenc wrote
at 12:16 AM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST
Well, above 1900 there are not many players online.
If there were practice tables, we could still play with lower score players without being horribly punished after an unlucky start. That would be better than waiting idle for a long time.
dave aix wrote
at 5:45 AM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST
So make a second avatar for these times... It´s not unethical and practised by a lot of players...
no_Wolf wrote
at 11:25 AM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST
Or a third.
To1ne wrote
at 11:25 AM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST
Would be nice!
JKD wrote
at 5:48 PM, Thursday January 18, 2007 EST
mmmm custom tables
MadWilly wrote
at 6:35 AM, Friday January 19, 2007 EST
to help the elo system show a more realistic number id rather prefer pratices tables because a good player with multiple 2100 rankings drains alot of score from the system thus making it hard to distinguish between better and worse players.
ranon wrote
at 12:19 PM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
Practice tables are essential for players just starting out. kdice is a tricky game to master. It would really help newbies to perfect their skills.
JDizzle787 wrote
at 4:35 PM, Wednesday January 24, 2007 EST
For now, the new players should observe basic strategies and play dice wars, until the computer players crumble under your practised mastery. It's actually a great idea. This is a place where skill could be measured and tested. Maybe even the awards-for-good-tactics idea could be used there, too. It would help if maybe new players knew what they were doing right? I'm blabbing, making no sense. Good I dea. It should happen. No, no. It WILL happen.
Sparqs wrote
at 6:20 PM, Monday May 7, 2007 EDT
Added to the Kdice wiki Idea Repository.
penubag wrote
at 4:18 AM, Wednesday January 16, 2008 EST
YES! and on these tables without score changes, multiple IPs from the address should be allowed. That way we can battle with our own family members in the same house
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