Add a button to hide all the dice to see if certain territories connect or not (sometimes covered by dice)
DJCrowther wrote
at 6:49 PM, Wednesday January 3, 2007 EST

371 people think this is a good idea

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Eyeless wrote
at 6:47 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
I mean to say "hide the dice." Stupid typo.

Anyway, sometimes you can't tell if two countries have a border because the dice stacks cover it up. Maybe if there were a way to make dice momentarily invisible, you just quickly check.
joby.d wrote
at 7:38 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
it would be nice if there was a way to tell which territories are connected
CNE wrote
at 9:57 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
If you look carefully, there will be a dark-colored border next to the border of your territory. That indicates that it is "adjacent" to the next territory.

I still think dice-hiding, or more specifically, replacing the dice with # of dice in the territory you roll over, would be very helpful, especially for those less-than-one-hex wide territories.
TheYellowMole wrote
at 10:38 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
Sometimes when you get a really bad angle, you can't see the dice behind another stack and it is really annoying. There should be a button that turns the dice transparent, or some other way to tell how many dice are behind the big stacks.
savagelichen wrote
at 11:33 PM, Thursday December 7, 2006 EST
It is also difficult to see if the territories back there are connected.
TigerT wrote
at 9:20 AM, Monday December 11, 2006 EST
@savagelichen: yes, that´s why i posted the idea "Display Reinforcement"
Anarki wrote
at 2:24 PM, Monday December 11, 2006 EST
Making the dice transparent when the mouse passes over them would indeed be a good idea :)
CNE wrote
at 4:03 PM, Tuesday December 12, 2006 EST
This is similiar to an idea I posted, where you could toggle the dice graphics with just a number in each territory indicating the dice number.
Mord wrote
at 7:41 AM, Thursday December 14, 2006 EST
maybe change to a slightly more aerial view of the board?
blacktie wrote
at 1:01 PM, Friday December 29, 2006 EST
i second that!
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