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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Thanks to chloe for starting to assemble this list. It's a great addition to the current FAQ which is not as easily editable:

Concerning the 4-stack and 16-stack updates:
1) What's with the 4 stack and 16 stack tables?
Ryan implemented tables that have maximum stacks of 4 and 16 instead of 8.
4 stacks tend to:
- Be fully stacked sooner
- Get to end game faster, though the games can be very long, especially if there's a bottleneck
- Have fewer vflags
- Require more aggressive attacks
16s tend to:
- End game slower
- Stack slowly
- Require being conservative

2) So are the maximum reserves the same for all tables, or are 4s +16 and 16s +64?
Nope. All the tables have +32 for maximum reserves (for now at least). Several people have suggested changing it to +16 and +64, so it may be a change in the future.

3) There's a 5 stack on a 4 stack table. wtf?
Starts aren't limited by the stacks, so you can start with a 5 stack, but once it is moved, it'll never stack to a 5 again.

Concerning general gameplay:

4) What's a vflag?
A flag stated in the chatbox, but not actually posted in game (eg, green says "blue I flag to you").
There's a lot of excellent information about flags and vflags here:

5) Is trucing illegal? What about backstabs?
No. Trucing is a legitimate strategy that is completely within the rules. Backstabbing is also completely legal.

6) What's a PGA/PGE?
PGA stands for pregame alliance, which is considered against the rules. PGE is "pregame enemy" and means that, for example, if I PGE Loobee, I would target her whenever I played with her. My goal those games would be to make sure she loses, not to actually win myself.


7) How do I join?
You can see a list of upcoming tournaments at An hour before a tournament is set to begin, you will see a join button in the top right of your browser, and if you qualify to join, you can press it. Then, it'll change and say "Joined" and once the tournament starts you'll be seated at a tourney table.

8) My "You've been seated" pop up didn't pop up (or got covered up). How can I know what table to go to?
Underneath your name in the top right, it says what table you are currently sitting at. Click that link, and you'll be there! There's a delay between the tournament start time and the actual start of the games so you'll have plenty of time (two minutes, iirc) to get there.


9) What purpose do levels serve?
Levels are a quick reference to career rankings (essentially). They are calculated based on your total career points PLUS your current month points. You level up when you reach a certain number of points. Here's a list of the number of total points required for some levels:
| 1 | 0 |
| 2 | 15 |
| 3 | 35 |
| 4 | 60 |
| 5 | 90 |
| 6 | 130 |
| 7 | 170 |
| 8 | 240 |
| 9 | 310 |
| 10 | 410 |
| 20 | 3400 |
| 30 | 15000 |
| 40 | 47000 |
| 50 | 120000 |
| 60 | 260000 |
| 70 | 510000 |
| 80 | 930000 |
| 90 | 1600000 |
| 100 | 2600000 |


10) Can I change my username?
Nope. You can re-register, with a different email address. The only way to change your username is if you are a facebook or twitter user, and you change your fb or twitter name.

11) Is it possible to change the email address associated with an account?
Not easily. Your only option is to email [email protected] and hope you get a response.

12) Can I mute someone in chat?
Yes! Just type in "/mute username" in the chatbox and make sure you have the proper capitalisation for the username.

13) What's a roll off?
When it's difficult for two players to fight each other (eg all the way across the board from each other), but they both want the same position and are roughly evenly matched, sometimes someone will propose a roll off. In a roll off, each player rolls an 8 (or a 4 or 16) and the person who rolls higher wins the position.

14) What do people mean with "sit for 2" or what is "fighting 1/3"?
"Fighting 1/3" means that the winner of that fight will take first, and the loser will take third. This is useful when the person "sitting for second" could interfere and throw the odds heavily in one direction or the other. It's also good for the person in second, generally- because if he/she starts fighting one of the 1/3 people, that person can flag to the other 1/3 person and the person sitting for 2 might end up in third instead of in second.
8 comments , posted by Vermont at 6:49 PM, Monday August 8, 2011 EDT
As players, what do you want from KDice?
*This is not a discussion of mechanical changes you would like, read the Notes at the end before commenting please*
As has been discussed ad nauseum, us moderators have limited power and limited tools to punish players for transgressions or to encourage fair play. This isn't a post looking to continue that discussion.

As players what do you want from each other, from the game and from the moderators?

I have done my best to be a passive admin, since that is how I prefer administration of games and forums to be. I am never offended myself by the words of others although I may be disappointed by them for a variety of reasons so I often don't act when people are being politically incorrect. As individuals I don't have much actual animosity towards people here, although I often express displeasure with how people play, most often that is MadHat_Sam the player talking though not the moderator.

As players You/We/I look to the higher authorities to fix the game, to solve problems be it trying to get a moderator to ban someone or Ryan to fix some bug or issue. If this avenue worked that would be fine, but it has been obvious that appealing to authority does nothing to advance KDice, so I put this to you players, why look above instead of looking around?

Self policing each other instead of wanting moderators to solve the problems. This is a social game and applying social pressure to people that care about the game will always be more effective then hoping some authority solves the problem.

You don't like how Player A and Player B play with each other, PGA/OTF etc..., next time you sit at a game rally the board to kill them in round 1. Sure posting in the forums and writing reviews can help, especially at the lower levels but that isn't the only action to take.

The solution to most of the games problems doesn't just fall at the feet of moderators or Ryan, it is on you all as players.

When rnd formed the cabal to help win trophies Ryan wasn't the person that prevented him from doing so, the rest of the players were. Forming an-anti cabal and doing their best to take him down. The relationships and bonds players formed and care for competitive games carried KDice through 5 significant scoring changes in less than a year between August of 2007 and March of 2008. The 2k elo community spread from what it was to create a larger and more vibrant player base the thrived until the last year or so when game play has began to stagnate.

You can fix that, by changing how you play and changing the type of boring stagnant game play that is fostered in KDice.

So what do you want as players. Do you want totalitarian moderation that would be severe and arbitrary? Because the tone of the last few days seems to imply that. Or do you want to take some responsibility on to you the players and try to force change on a more meta and social level? On a level that might create more positive change and a better game.

So what do you want?

-Monte sorry for simplifying KHistory, please refrain from posting a correction here and feel free to write a separate forum post to illuminate my ignorance.
-Wanting better tools for moderators, different game mechanics and more action from Ryan is great, but doesn't really do much to further the game as that point has been beat to death.
27 comments , posted by MadHat_Sam at 4:38 PM, Monday August 8, 2011 EDT
banning racism
I would like to get the other mods view on this.
I feel like it would be ok to ban for this as it falls under "Hate Lang." which is clearly set out, Any thoughts mods?
14 comments , posted by honda tech at 8:45 AM, Saturday July 30, 2011 EDT
Thanks for you're help.
Sorry if my post caused drama. it was not intended to offend anyone, and admittedly could have been said in a better way. People in kdice do respond alot differently then those in gpokr and thus why i never posted there.
13 comments , posted by honda tech at 9:42 PM, Tuesday July 26, 2011 EDT
OTF to PGA a grey line in the sand
I will list some examples of behavior that would be legitimate and some that wouldn't be but this is in no way an exhaustive list or guideline for what is or isn't allowed. This is only a clarification of where a moderator might draw the line.

OTF stands for Old Trusted Friend or Off Table Friend.

PGA stands for Pre-Game Alliance, but is more of a catch all term for using off table knowledge to not just make the best move but to undermine the fair and competitive nature of a game.

Explicit PGAs tend to be mostly on the lower tables as the lack of socialization makes it easier to get away with and easier to do since the quantity of lower games is plentiful. Sometimes explicit PGAs will occur on higher tables but the players are better at self policing to a point as the table level increases.

Implicit PGAs are much more common at higher level tables are the player base is smaller and the knowledge each player has of one another is greater. Easiest example of this type of play is making a lower value and lower upside move to avoid hitting a "friend". KDice is a social game and relationships do play a role in playing it, but there is a line between not 1-Hitting a "friend" and playing a significantly lower value move to avoid hitting a "friend" at all.

In a perfect KWorld who your neighbor is wouldn't matter, but players are unique and we don't all follow the same algorithm for the moves we make so who your neighbor is does matter. It doesn't matter to the point where you refuse to make the best move because you don't want to upset someone you like, this crosses the line and creates a competitive deficit for players that are newer or less aware of the "friendships" at the table.

Well I understand most players aren't as ruthless as me, I am not trying to encourage behavior some people find distasteful such as 2v1ing someone you don't feel should be 2v1d given the situation. It is an individual players responsibility though to make sure that in their efforts to play how they think is "fair" is "fair" to the game not just to certain players they are "friends" with.

KDice does not lend itself to a clear set of guidelines for what is and isn't legitimate play. Much of this is subjective to the individual advisors, but we all tend to be close to what we feel is allowable.

The best I can offer as an advisor is that "I know it when I see it." As much as I would like a better clearer standard I do not have one.

Obligatory tl;dr
27 comments , posted by MadHat_Sam at 9:50 AM, Friday February 18, 2011 EST
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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