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Qazi Legend

They can win how much they can but I win how much I want !!!
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Recognized on 11:17 PM, Monday March 23, 2015 EDT by integral
thanks for your contribution to the site

This player has been modded by the community

Lifting ban, he's now had time to cool off. +changeAvatar +chat +play +post +re-register Pursey 6:36 PM, Sunday May 24, 2015 EDT
Player requested(?!) and abusing players after warnings following Arnas' ban. Logs retained. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register Pursey 3:19 AM, Sunday May 24, 2015 EDT
. +play jurgen 1:13 PM, Friday May 1, 2015 EDT
. +chat +post jurgen 3:08 PM, Wednesday April 1, 2015 EDT
not even man enough to admit an obivous funnel -chat -post jurgen 5:35 PM, Sunday March 29, 2015 EDT
oh come on, ridiculous funnel -play jurgen 5:28 PM, Sunday March 29, 2015 EDT
restored +play jurgen 2:54 AM, Tuesday February 3, 2015 EST
banned for 2 weeks, don't play alts -play jurgen 8:10 AM, Thursday January 29, 2015 EST
remember your promise +play jurgen 12:03 PM, Wednesday October 22, 2014 EDT
I warned you not to use cunt -play jurgen 11:49 AM, Monday October 20, 2014 EDT
restored +chat integral 5:57 PM, Wednesday September 17, 2014 EDT
was asked to stop harassing several times, asked for mute. 24 hrs -chat integral 9:04 AM, Wednesday September 17, 2014 EDT
shhh, don't tell fatman ;) +play jurgen 2:54 PM, Monday September 15, 2014 EDT
Qaz and Fat both requested -play for rest of the month -play jurgen 2:36 PM, Monday September 8, 2014 EDT
jeez, make up your mind! +play jurgen 3:49 PM, Sunday June 29, 2014 EDT
banned on player request -play jurgen 3:45 PM, Sunday June 29, 2014 EDT
I hope you learned your lesson, hf +chat +play jurgen 10:21 AM, Sunday June 1, 2014 EDT
You're clearly not caring about what you did (I also translated what you told friends in your own language yesterday ). TO BE CLEAR: no play and no chat on ANY account for a week now. Come back then and prove that you have changed. -play jurgen 3:06 PM, Saturday May 17, 2014 EDT
Look I warned you today. Homosexual people are normal people just like you so stop being so hateful towards homosexuals. I will give you one week of -chat to think about it and change your behavior. -chat jurgen 10:45 AM, Friday May 16, 2014 EDT

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junobeach on Friday September 25, 2015
Thaks for the teaching.
Louis Cypher on Tuesday June 16, 2015
Poor pointwhore. He will give u his ass if u give him few virtual points. Snots like this kid made this game shity
IFIGENIUS on Monday June 15, 2015
Complete slime. All crooked play, all the time. Everything's been accused of in the forums is absolutely true. Mods?
48430934809 on Friday June 12, 2015
Tommy Simpson and Qazi Legend... PGA player
Top Kapi on Monday June 8, 2015
Sorry for killing you accindentally on tourney when i did my suicide move. :)
Plokijuma on Wednesday June 3, 2015
flizza on Tuesday June 2, 2015
Congratz Bro, nice win, good luck with next month ;)
Arnas Bro on Monday June 1, 2015
damn no respect flag, this roman gypsy
Az_Balu on Monday May 11, 2015
good player.
Dick Tucker on Saturday May 9, 2015
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