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This player has been modded by the community

restored +chat +post integral 1:34 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 CDT
no chat or posting for another 3 days. please listen to the warnings and change your behaviour. -chat -post integral 12:25 AM, Sunday September 7, 2014 CDT
please behave better now +chat +play +post jurgen 2:41 PM, Tuesday April 1, 2014 CDT
No more play for you for your bad language. Stop insulting people. 3 day warning -chat -play jurgen 7:30 AM, Sunday March 9, 2014 CDT
No more post for you in the forum in March! STOP showing stupid youtube games that have NO PGA in them at all. You waste my time all the time. -post jurgen 7:28 AM, Sunday March 9, 2014 CDT
Any more harassmet, and I will ban your account outright, permanently +chat KDICEMOD 10:02 PM, Monday September 10, 2012 CDT
bypassing chat ban -chat KDICEMOD 8:50 PM, Friday August 31, 2012 CDT
unbanned, but watch your bebi sistr from now on OK? +play jurgen 6:08 AM, Tuesday August 28, 2012 CDT
one week ban for playing a game with tvor and bivo at the same time -play jurgen 4:45 AM, Tuesday August 21, 2012 CDT
unbanned +chat +play +post jurgen 11:37 AM, Wednesday February 1, 2012 CST
pga in tournament again, probably even proxy -chat -play -post jurgen 8:43 PM, Tuesday January 10, 2012 CST
time served +play jurgen 11:40 PM, Monday March 7, 2011 CST
pga with kostur -play jurgen 7:59 PM, Monday February 28, 2011 CST

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his behavior doesn't seem to have improved yet
101st on Saturday September 6, 2014
Fatman_x: mladi�? je bio pametan �?ovjek Fatman_x: malo vas je poklo Flo.w has left Fatman_x: ruka mu se pozlatila zato �¡to vam je napravio Fatman_x: :D TOTAL TERORIST FOR MLADIC AND KARADZIC OR GENOCID SREBRENICA"BAN PLAY KDICE" bivo on Friday September 5, 2014 do not lie you idiot let him see that Jurgen boast Mladic and Karadzic as they slaughtered Muslims in Srebrenica seen by Jurgen one horse what you wrote to me you can not you're lying because I have it all on tape.!
bivo on Saturday September 6, 2014
http://upload.slike.com/slika?image=1409929370-1500-x-844px-bivo1.png http://upload.slike.com/slika?image=1409929537-1500-x-844px-bivo2.png this guy talk aboput terorism and muslims all the time, translate those words from him, he is messed up. He lives near me i am afraid that he will kill me, few days ago next to him they catched guys who was smugling weapons and people to islam state, he is muslim extremist and he talk how he is happy bout killed reporters.
Fatman_x on Friday September 5, 2014
Great guy I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
Im Defeated on Sunday August 31, 2014
Harasses me for no reason after I truced with someone in a game. The harassment has continued after the game, into games he is not even part of. He should be banned for being a really bad sport.
panthar on Thursday August 28, 2014
is a cry baby.
atriplaisdead on Tuesday August 26, 2014
Lee34 on Tuesday August 19, 2014
instead letting this freak doing his mentally handicapped rant all the time with only 1 week bans, why can't you just ban him forever?
CrazyBear on Saturday August 16, 2014
SecrecY on Thursday August 7, 2014
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWr30uoSCrw A video of bivo
Lil Johnson213 on Tuesday July 29, 2014
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