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kara mia
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This player has been modded by the community

restored +chat +post integral 1:34 AM, Wednesday September 10, 2014 CDT
no chat or posting for another 3 days. please listen to the warnings and change your behaviour. -chat -post integral 12:25 AM, Sunday September 7, 2014 CDT
please behave better now +chat +play +post jurgen 2:41 PM, Tuesday April 1, 2014 CDT
No more play for you for your bad language. Stop insulting people. 3 day warning -chat -play jurgen 7:30 AM, Sunday March 9, 2014 CDT
No more post for you in the forum in March! STOP showing stupid youtube games that have NO PGA in them at all. You waste my time all the time. -post jurgen 7:28 AM, Sunday March 9, 2014 CDT
Any more harassmet, and I will ban your account outright, permanently +chat KDICEMOD 10:02 PM, Monday September 10, 2012 CDT
bypassing chat ban -chat KDICEMOD 8:50 PM, Friday August 31, 2012 CDT
unbanned, but watch your bebi sistr from now on OK? +play jurgen 6:08 AM, Tuesday August 28, 2012 CDT
one week ban for playing a game with tvor and bivo at the same time -play jurgen 4:45 AM, Tuesday August 21, 2012 CDT
unbanned +chat +play +post jurgen 11:37 AM, Wednesday February 1, 2012 CST
pga in tournament again, probably even proxy -chat -play -post jurgen 8:43 PM, Tuesday January 10, 2012 CST
time served +play jurgen 11:40 PM, Monday March 7, 2011 CST
pga with kostur -play jurgen 7:59 PM, Monday February 28, 2011 CST

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We miss you.
Äkäkäkäkä! on Thursday May 21, 2015
fuck you mother prostitute idiot dont respect play game!
???? on Thursday May 21, 2015
greeen on Thursday April 23, 2015
???? fuck you mother retard prostitute moron dont pga no mother prostitute,moron truce=pga clasic.
bivo on Tuesday April 21, 2015
i will find you, come to you and kill you.... (ingame)
Richarto on Monday April 20, 2015
lil bitch he is
Sabala on Monday April 20, 2015
PLEASE ban him again. runs around talking crap all day. leaves reviews that are not true at all. no room for people like this on k dice
O_SO_SMOOTH14 on Tuesday April 14, 2015
Lalita Lani is a Bitch!
KingRussy on Saturday April 11, 2015
Bivo admitted to being a gay prostitute or something. Then there was something with his sister's baby? anyway, no clue
Rool24EVA on Friday April 10, 2015
what a little piece of sh!t
Teuuun on Thursday April 9, 2015
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