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Nice player that lets good fights happen. perhaps that's why some accuse him for PGAing.
TeethlessHobbes on Friday September 19, 2014
pga woth tardu22!!!! be carful
Kurwa_pendecho on Monday September 15, 2014
backstabber and pga player
@asd_asdfg123 on Monday December 30, 2013
clearest PGA sertach+_smile_+Crazy Smurf (i asked smurf does he flag - he was silent 2 times and then say no. then i atacked smurf. but when i do that, all atack me cause i .... didt accept his flag ?? 0_o. really i didnt accept because he didnt flaged)
blcu on Thursday August 25, 2011
Photo looks like a man, but he cries like a bitch. Very curious...
r0n on Saturday August 20, 2011
good player -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
hallaballo on Friday August 12, 2011
it_1985 on Tuesday December 28, 2010
not trustworthy. backstabber
hothercule on Wednesday December 22, 2010
PGA with cool g
glaz on Saturday December 11, 2010
surtach, when did I backstab? I am a fair player and would like to learn how to get better in the game. TY.
MrLucky on Friday December 10, 2010
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