Provide larger map display
Nightwavex wrote
at 11:24 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST

0 people think this is a good idea

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Endlisnis wrote
at 11:25 AM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
On a larger monitor, the map display takes up a very small portion of the screen. It would be nice if you could make the map render larger (maybe 2x)...optionally.
Cybertect wrote
at 1:21 PM, Saturday December 16, 2006 EST
That is damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nightwavex wrote
at 7:47 PM, Sunday December 17, 2006 EST
on my laptop screen I have to have full view on to see the whole screen, but i guess if it's optional it's fine.
Veta wrote
at 1:39 PM, Tuesday October 26, 2021 EDT
When do we get HD KDice for our retina display?
Dude111 wrote
at 10:33 PM, Friday October 29, 2021 EDT
hold down your mouse wheel and the control key you can zoom in
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