Avatar not acceptable
John Milton wrote
at 7:25 AM, Monday March 7, 2022 EST
I think that in the current political situation the use of an avatar with a white Z on a green background that is similar to some camouflage must be considered a violation of rule #3: "Do not use hate language or avatars". It is clearly expressing hatred towards Ucrainia or the Ucrainian people. That said, the account should be banned.

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John Milton wrote
at 6:10 AM, Tuesday March 29, 2022 EDT
The same player is still using an avatar with a now more styled Z as avatar. I still don't think this is acceptable. I would appreciate it if that player was at least not given the chance to modify the avatar any more.
Generalstab wrote
at 6:19 AM, Tuesday March 29, 2022 EDT
John Milton = Louis Cypher the jerk the wannabe Mod
Ehrnrooth wrote
at 5:39 PM, Tuesday March 29, 2022 EDT
Whats up with this? Still using symbol for invasion war.
John Milton wrote
at 3:25 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
That is the main aspect here. The world has an almost unanimous decision in the UN regarding the attack on Ucrania. And here we have a person openly supporting this illegal and agrassive action.

This aspect has nothing to do with any animosity that obviously ( exists between Louis Cypher and Generalstab. One might be able to observe that with some amusement from a distance.

I still think the account should be removed from the privilege of setting an avatar. Like explained in the original post, this is a clear violation of rule #3. Further penalties should be discussed by the group of active players. I don't think a single person should judge here.
John Milton wrote
at 3:28 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
I am certain there are sufficient people with mod-privileges lurking. So if there was a clear statement on this by the community, realisation could happen quickly.
Generalstab wrote
at 4:37 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
Donbass is bombed 8 years by ukraine, nobody gave a shit about that children. Now you hypocratic westerners start to be pathetic when somebody writes "Z" as symbol "for ours". And all the other nazi bots around spread anti russian hate is okay for you. So fuck off with your western sickness to be democratic and by the wy to bomb rest of the world
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:07 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
Round about 140 of the 193 countries organized in the UN are voting in favor of resolutions and decisions against this war. That is 72.5 percent.

Only 5 nations or 2.6% voted against a resolution (A/ES-11/L.1) outlawing the war.

The entire world has a pretty clear perception of what is going on. It has not been that clear since WW2.

Guernica (by the German Nazi Regime) was the first city. The most recent ones are Grosny, Aleppo and now Mariupol. In all recent cases it was Putin behind it. Supporting this is not acceptable.
Generalstab wrote
at 5:08 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
You are more fucked in your brain as i thought
at 10:12 AM, Wednesday March 30, 2022 EDT
not going into the political asspects of the current conflict here, but what's the deal with the "Z" image? is it in some way linked semantically to the conflict?
tbh, my own first association with that would be with the "Zorro" character's trademark symbol.
John Milton wrote
at 3:00 AM, Thursday March 31, 2022 EDT
Yeah, Zorro would be an idea you could have. A funny one.

However, as a matter of fact, the Russian invasion army currently destroying Ucrania in a most agressive way is putting the Z on their vehicles. The reason has been discussed and is not evident (to me at least). Russian athletes that were not allowed to wear their national symbols used the Z instead and were penalized.

These days the Z, especially on a camouflage background but unfortunately in many contexts, is clearly a support for the Russian agression in Ucrania. It is used in Russian media in that way. It is percepted in that way.

Generalstab never claimed it to be anything else.

I don't think this should be tolerated here.
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