Is longhair back to stay?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 6:07 AM, Monday January 24, 2022 EST
I just saw that murti is active again. I this a yearly routine dropping by for a month or really a revival of that player? I'm curious.

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longhair wrote
at 12:23 PM, Tuesday January 25, 2022 EST
may be for afew days
Louis Cypher wrote
at 5:33 AM, Monday January 31, 2022 EST
Cool - maybe we'll get to play a match. Though I have to confess I'm rather busy at the moment.
Thraxle wrote
at 4:07 PM, Thursday March 24, 2022 EDT
Merhaba Murti!
hcdug wrote
at 7:44 AM, Tuesday April 5, 2022 EDT
Is there a way to actually play a game? Logging on is great, but how dafuq can you even sit?
Louis Cypher wrote
at 10:50 AM, Tuesday April 5, 2022 EDT
Come on Dug, sitting is not so hard. Changing the table is due to the countless broken tourneys. And finding people to play anything but a 0 or 100 is even harder...
This site is getting even more dead than I thought it could be.
Dude111 wrote
at 12:42 AM, Thursday April 7, 2022 EDT
wowow HC DUG LIVES! sup bro
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